Jesse Stone Marathon

Grannie LOVES Tom Selleck.  Today, there has been a "Jesse Stone" marathon on the Hallmark Channel (you know Hallmark - they run the channel that cuts out all the cuss words).  The problem is this: Grannie's memory isn't the most retentive remembery out there - what with age and a few mini strokes and all.  She HAS seen all of the Jesse Stone movies - but what Hallmark has done, today, is NOT show the movies in sequential order.  And they have confused Grannie.

I, too, like the Jesse Stone movies.  They are MUCH more enjoyable when I don't have to explain why things seem out of sync, to Grannie.

But, I love her.



Megryansmom said...

You're a good son, Lou...a very good son!

Bama Cheryl said...

We love the Jesse Stone movies too, as well as Blue Bloods. We've not seen any of them in order so we're probably just as confused as Granny. Selleck is just so authentic in those flicks, isn't he?