Step by Step, Inch by Inch

I got the title and plates taken care of today.  Finally.  And I started the project of undressing hte scoot so I can do a proper inspection of all the nuts, bolts and connection points.  i kinda wish I was better at puzzles - because taking this thing apart?  NOT easy.  Not at ALL easy.

I will get it on the road this weekend.  I hope.  Of course, it may be on the road naked - but it will be on the road, I am determined.

We have a well for our water.  The wellhead is smack in the middle of our front yard - and it ain't pretty.  We have tried surrounding the wellhead with shrubs to disguise the ugly beast.  The rabbits in our area are just that much fatter, thanks to our shrubbery gift.  Today we bought a frame for a raised garden bed - we're going to try again.  I will document in photos - just so you know what I'm talking about.  Sunday.



Tara R. said...

My husband built me some raised garden beds a few years ago. Good luck with yours, and keeping the fat rabbits out of them.