A little upset

When I bought my scoot from the drop shipper in California, I assumed there would be no sales tax because it was purchased out of state.  Silly me.

The lovely State of Illinois doesn't collect sales tax at the time of purchase.  They can't.  There is no mechanism on the Internet that will allow them to do that.  Yet.  They just wait until you go to register your vehicle at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  THEN they collect the sales tax.  And if you don't expect this tax collection to happen, like I didn't, then you may not have the wherewithal to complete the transaction and you may have to make a stop at the DMV for a second day in a row. 

Which is a pain in the ass. 

Which may make you grumpy.

And certainly try your patience.

So, tomorrow I will appear at the same DMV, with check for the IDOR (Illinois Department of Revenue - because you can't use CASH or a DEBIT CARD for transactions which involve a payment to the IDOR ) and my debit card to pay for the title ($95.00) and my plates ($38.00).  I didn't have my checkbook with me, so I couldn't complete the transaction.  The staff there cannot sell you the title and plates without having made sure the taxes have been paid.


So I'm grumpy and a little upset.  But not too much.  It just takes a day longer to get all this done.



~L said...

just watch the BlackHawks game, you'll feel much better...ps: review the Hossa hit video and pray...

Tara R. said...

That would have been nice to know ahead of time. Sneaking revenuers!

PattiKen said...

The government, local or otherwise, never misses an opportunity to get "theirs," do they?