Lost phone and thinking

I lost my phone.  I felt naked without it.  Fortunately, I stopped at the place where I suspected it might be and VOILA!!! - it was there.  I have it  back, now.  Whew.

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I had a thought today .. and it leads me to a question.  Let's say I clap my hands.  I don't move, but I clap my hands again in a minute.  My two claps are separated by a minute in time.  But my two claps are also separated by miles and miles of space.  The Earth rotates to the East at a thousand miles an hour, Earth's orbit around the Sun moves us at many thousands of miles an hour, the Solar System's orbit around the center of the Galaxy moves us at even MORE thousands of miles per hour, the Galaxy itself is rushing toward the Virgo cluster at over a million miles an hour, and the whole Universe, itself, rotates laterally, at some undetermined speed, so the physical spots in the Universe where the two claps took place are far removed from each other.  THIS is why we perceive the passage of time.  This is why time happens everywhere - or anywhere.  Because we are moving.

So the question is - in terms of Time, what would happen if the Earth, suddenly, stopped moving.  What if the Earth just stopped moving and assumed a static position in the Universe?  Forget about all the catastrophes one can imagine and just think about Time.  What would happen to time?  And what effect would it have on the Earth?

And if the Universe is rotating, as astronomers seem to think, where is the center of that rotation?

And if the Universe is rotating, is it also moving, laterally - itself rotating around some other point in a Super Universe, exterior to our own - one that our Universe is a constituent member of?

One thing.  The only way to contemplate a static position in our Universe is to postulate the existence of another and larger Universe - a static position in OUR Universe without that larger Universe would mean that that static position would still rotate with the rotation of the Universe - and therefore, move.

BUT.  If there IS a larger Universe, and we achieve a static position in this Universe by being STILL in the larger one, we would still appear to move in THIS Universe - our Universe would appear to move past us, but in the opposite direction of the Universal rotation.

The only place in our Universe that no lateral motion is anticipated is at the center of rotation of our Universe.  But if time exists there, then our Universe must, itself, move laterally rotating around the larger central point of the Super Universe.

So, when your kids with ADHD can't be still?  Perhaps now you know why.  They are, after all, children of the Universe.



Nan Sheppard said...

"The only thing that really worries me, that keeps me awake, is questions like that. Philosphy is the scariest thing." - Chas

Big Mark 243 said...


Tara R. said...

You know how I feel about quantum physics! This made my day.

barbara said...

:) loved this deep thinking post.

"And if the Universe is rotating, as astronomers seem to think, where is the center of that rotation?"

The CENTER of the UNIVERSE is (I was gonna say ME) every toddler - just ask 'em. :)