Slightly Wordy Wednesday

Listen To Your Mother, or the cast, at least, is coming together.  We have our own Facebook group and the idea of the group is brilliant.

No one of us knows everyone in the group - we've all met, but for most of us, that first rehearsal was the first introduction to the other members of the cast.  Meeting once, and briefly at that, was not enough to "get to know" each other.  That said, we each listened to each other's presentations and in spite of our short time together, we learned some things about each other - and most of those things were significant.

This group, then, gives us a vehicle for communication with and about each other.  It gives us a clear line of consort - it allows us to be ourselves with each other, in private, but in front of each other.  No one but our group can see our posts.

So we are coming together - we will, as a group, be better for having this Facebook group - but I think we will be better people for getting to know each other so much better.

On another note - the new scooter is FINE!!  Nice to look at, comfortable to ride, and fast.  At least fast enough so I won't get run over on the highway.  So let me tell you ....

I got my scooter from countyimports.com - if you look at their home page, there's a number of links across the top of the page and if you click on the "250cc" you'll be taken to a page of images and links that will illustrate what you get if you order a scooter from them.

Scooters are an answer - one answer, and NOT the only one - to high gas prices.  There are a number of places on the Internet where you can find scooters for sale - and not all of them are reputable.  I was lucky.  I found a good one.  If you decide you'd like to consider buying a scooter - County Imports is as good a place to start as any.

BUT.  If you do consider taking this step consider this - these are Chinese motorscooters - and there are MILLIONS of Chinese motorscooters in the Far East.  They DO know how to make 'em.  But there is NO DEALER NETWORK here in the States to support them.  Either you have to care for your own scooter - or you need to know a good mechanic who would be willing to work on your scooter.

Warranty parts ARE available - if you dot your 'i's and cross your 't's you can keep your machine in good repair with those warranty parts - but LABOR is not included in the warranty.  So be careful.  Make sure you know what you're getting into.  Make sure, also, you understand that these things are AMAZING fun - and at 65-85 mpg?  VERY economical.



Tara R. said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the LTYM speakers after your live performance. This should like the opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy!

Big Mark 243 said...

I am with Tara... wouldn't it be something if a producer from a big show or television saw 'something' in your performance and offered you a role in a bigger production..? It could happen..!

You are right about the Chinese scooters... I'd make sure to do preventative maintenance on mine (if I had one), but given the number of scooters and their importance over there, I would feel comfortable taking the chance on quality...

I kind of worry about the American folks who are selling them more than their point of origin... Anywho, take care on yours..!