The Winds of Change ...

... have blown right through my blog.  Things have been so busy and gotten to be a so complicated, that I'm going to take my friend Tara's advice (actually, copy her method) and post photos one day a week.  So that's what I'm going to do on Sundays from now on - post photos from Sunday through Saturday on the next Sunday (the day after the last day of picture taking that week - Saturday).

I've been riding my scooter through the subdivision in which we live in order to break in the engine.  Unlike American and Japanese engine makers who don't require "break in periods", the Chinese do.  Their method, however, is a matter of controversy - they suggest a long, relatively slow break in, where me and my mates think a "hard" break in is better for the engine in the long run, and quicker.  So I've been doing it my way.  I've almost 20 miles on the scooter now,  and it's time, I think, to change all the fluids - engine oil, gear oil, and coolant.  To be honest, I don't trust the Chinese fluids  I see too much in too many threads about the quality of the stuff the Chinese put in their engines.

I have to wait, now, for the MCO (Manufacturers Certificate of Origin) to arrive, so I can take it and the bill of sale to the DMV and get my title and plates - and once it's properly licensed, I can begin riding to and from work - the object of this whole exercise.

I have found Instagram - or shall I say Instagram has found me.  Instagram on Android - it makes me feel all grown up and now I can play with the big boys (all those iPhone users who used to have Instagram all to themselves).  Of course, the Big Boys have their panties in a twist because us Android users have suddenly slowed their services down.  Don't worry, boys, Facebook is coming to the rescue with equipment and bandwidth (and money).  And Instagram will be big enough for all of us.  Of course, my Little Buddy will be right there with me.



Grandmother said...

My husband has an iPhone. You're going to love instagram. Well, the Chinese sure have a gorgeous color on the scooter!
p.s. those double words in WV at odd angles are hard to read

Tara R. said...

I'm glad I could recommend a workable plan for your photo posts. I look forward to Sundays.

I still don't understand all the brouhaha over Android users joining Instagram. Really, it is more the merrier.