Roll on, MacDuff

So I printed out a copy of my Bill of Sale and decided I was going to get my bike out on the street.  I figured if I got stopped for no plate  I could probably talk my way out of it as long as I wasn't violating any other laws.

I had on my helmet, my leather jacket, my gloves and my boots.  I needed to see how the bike felt in cold air with all my 'stuff' on - I had tried riding with only my glasses and my eyes teared wildly - that was yesterday.  Today?  No problem.  The shield on the helmet protected my eyes and my gloves did what they were meant to do; they kept my hands warm.  And the bike hit 70 before I really realized it.  And there was still room in the throttle.

This weekend I'm going to replace all the Chinese fluids that came in the scooter - engine oil, gear oil and coolant.  I should have plates by Tuesday, and as soon as I do I'm going to start riding to work, so I need to get the scoot ready as soon as I can.

And yes, I called it a 'scoot'.

I have begun an undertaking that needs to be done - and soon.  Our garage is very cluttered, and if I'm going to fix and repair bicycles in that garage, I have to get it in order - starting with my tools.  I have to sort my toolchest - I had no idea I had so many wrenches.  And socket sets.  And screwdriver sets - which, it seems, I can never find when I need one.

I recorded myself, yesterday, reciting my piece for Listen To Your Mother. I'm so glad I did.  I sound like I have a mouthful of peanut butter.  I need to work on diction.  Badly.  I will not allow myself to give an amateurish performance.



Jientje said...

You're just like my husband when it comes to tools, he has endless sets of anything, and buys new stuff every time he needs to do a chore! I tried cleaning up his tool chest once, and that turned out to be a very bad idea, he couldn't find a thing after that! I won't do that no more!

Tara R. said...

With your bikes being christened with proper names, will you be giving the scoot one too?

Heather said...

I'm so excited for you that you got one of these! I'd love one and it'd totally be worth it since my commute is like, 10 minutes tops, to work. Just not sure if it's totally safe for me where I am in the city. Hmm..Something to look into!