Meanders on a Monday Evening

Well, actually, not a whole lot of meandering - it's all about my motor.

At the moment I'm dealing with the first "bug" in the scooter.  There's a loose wire in there somewhere, and I'm going to have to make the scooter naked in order to find it.  I have to take off all the body panels.  Sound like fun to you?  Me either.

The loose wire means my running lights don't work - they flickered, went out, and won't come back on.  The running lights are required by law - headlights and tail lights are required to be lit if the motor is running, so those and the panel lights all are on the same circuit.  The brake lights and the turn signals work - but they're on a different supply circuit.

The thing that makes this whole thing a little more difficult than it means to be is that there doesn't seem to be any documentation anywhere to guide me through the removal of the body shell.  It's made of many pieces and the sequence of operations is not obvious.  I guess I'll just start at the front and work my way back.   And, of course, I think I know which wire to look for and while I've got her down to her shorts I'm going to change all her fluids  - but I'm going to go over her and check every nut, bolt and connection to make sure I minimize any potential for more issues.

But then - I'm hoping that once I take her apart I can put her back together again.

I've got my paperwork, the Bill of Sale and my Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, so I can go to the DMV and get my title and license plates.  Once I have those in hand, my scoot will be legal on the streets and highways, and I can start picking out days to drive it back and forth to work.

And you need to know my mantra - my motto - when I ride:

Ride Safe, Ride Aware, Ride Away.

Ride Safe - make good decisions, don't do stupid stuff, don't drink and drive.
Ride Aware - pay attention to what's happening around you, keep your distance behind the traveler in front of you.
If you Ride Safe and Ride Aware, you'll Ride Away from trouble.



Tara R. said...

Good luck finding the loose thingamajig, and getting the scooter all back together.

Big Mark 243 said...

Good luck on finding the short... if anyone can 'git 'er dun', it is you. And I keep your advice in mind and like the mantra... makes it easy to remember everything..!

Nan Sheppard said...

I bet you can find all the dis-assembly instructions and manuals online. Have fun!