Photo365, Day 63

I have noticed something since we bought our LED TV. Quite by accident, I discovered that the old scan lines of tube televisions don't seem to exist, and LED TV's are very photogenic. It's rather fun, really - taking shots of the TV. If you have access to one - try it.

I'm not going to do that for Photo365.

I went cruising through some older stuff and ran across this one - unseen until now.



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Jientje said...

WOW, this photo is so clear!! I enlarged it and it made me feel I was actually standing there! You should also know I'm afraid of heights! Beautiful!

Big Mark 243 said...

Pictures like that is what makes me miss being able to drive... I would love to have discovered that place on a random ride to nowhere and be awed... thanks for sharing...

Tara R. said...

Your Canyon photos are amazing. They really make me want to see it (and photograph it) for myself.