Haiku Friday, Photo365, Day 61

First, we bring you Haiku Friday - with its own Linky Tool so you can link in your Haiku.

Haiku Friday

Weekdays are warm, nice.
Weekends are cold and nasty.
Nature out of sync.

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At The Office

My constant companion.


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maggie said...

Weather is silly like that, isn't it?

I tried to Linky for Haiku Friday, but it hated me. I don't know why.

Jientje said...

Coffee. gallons of coffee, right?

Kim - Mommycosm said...

Your companion is pretty sexy - especially considering I haven't had my coffee yet today;-)

Indigo said...

The weather is so out of sync these days, I have to have a backup plan for the backup plan. (Hugs)Indigo

Heather E said...

Why is it that the weather does this to us? It's like we can never enjoy a good gorgeous day of sun. Hopefully soon- I miss the sun! :)

Lisa Noel said...

its because mother nature is a cruel witch :)

Lisa said...

I am hating the 60 to 30 degrees in two days too!

Kat said...

The weather is driving me insane! Wish she would pick one way or another.

Paula said...

OMG So true!! I'm SO ready for spring! It would be nice to have a great weather weekend for the kids. Only 18 more days until Spring.