I'm over it now.

Sometime today I'm to pick up my Saturn Vue. I've gotten over the sticker shock - and I'm ready to go forward. Pun intended.

This whole episode was pretty much my own fault. Or, at least, the amount of the bill - what it was allowed to grow to - is my fault.

It's not so much that I needed to take better care of my care - I DO take quite good care of my car. Normally.

It's just that I knew there was a problem and I let it go. I made minor adjustments that kept things running instead of cutting it short and getting it fixed.

So, yes. I did this to myself. Or my car, actually. And now I'm to pay the price. Literally.

At least it's cheaper than getting a new car.

And yes, I've learned my lesson. Taking good care means more than changing oil and rotating tires. It means taking care of problems as they occur and not letting them get out of hand.

Kind of like Life, don't you think?



Audubon Ron said...

Good thing your mechanic is not a doctor.

Tara R. said...

I feel your pain. My son is still working on his project car, the one that was supposed to be cheap to fix up. Yeah...

Jientje said...

I guess you're right, it is like Life itself!
Is it still the same car you drove two years ago?

PattiKen said...

Yep. Just like Life.

Nan Sheppard said...

Like life... in that I have ditched the whole 'Car' thing and now take the bus. Or ride my bike. Life is less expensive as a result :)