Slightly Wordy Wednesday - A Slap in the Face

OR. Maybe it's a wakeup call.


I've been trying to NOT 'keep up' with all that Social Media out there.




I've kind of decided I like the time I have to myself - afforded me by "not keeping up".

Except for some groups I belong to - as I've mentioned.

Last night, in one of the groups I belong to - a group with 251 members as of last night - someone complained that his Significant Other had outed him as being 37 years old.

He posted a question. How old is everybody in the group?

I saw answers. 23. 37. 40. 38. (a HOT 38 - and she's right.) And other ages of similar ilk. Until we got to mine. 66.

Whoops. Wake up call.

I seem to be a senior citizen. THE Senior Citizen.




Grandmother said...

That's if they're giving their correct ages. 65 here and loving it.

Middle State/MomZombie said...

I am 47 and the mother of a five year old. Nothing points to the gaping maw of the generation gap like realizing I could be the mother of the other mothers at school. It bothered me for a while until I realized it didn't bother them. They keep me feeling and thinking young.

PattiKen said...

They should all hope that, as time passes, they are still as "with it" as you are, my friend.

hillary said...

it's nothing but a number right? It's all about how you feel. . .or so all those young people tell you! =)


Tara R. said...

Age is just a number. It's not being old, it's having more life experiences.

Nan Sheppard said...

You're young at heart, iz what. AND handsome. Age is a number, nothing more.