No 100 Words today

Normally, this would be the day that I would respond to the 100 Word Challenge. Not today, though. The site has been hacked.

I've done some checking and the image that is displayed on her site is the source of some flagging by Google - they say it's Russian Malware. That's the same image I used to display in my sidebar - but no longer.

And I cannot, in good conscience, send people to her site until I know that the malware issues are addressed. I have let her know.

On another note - I got another 2.45 miles on my bike today. After dark.

I have a brand new headlight and taillight set on Roscoe - so I can see and be seen in this time of shorter periods of daylight. Riding in the cool of night is a new experience - invigorating.

Doctors say "Exercise". There's Clubs and Gyms and Home Videos. There's running, walking, pushups, situps and deep knee bends. I've done all those things. (Notice the Past Tense) This riding? THIS I love. This I can do every day.

I'm already reading up on Winter Riding.



Tara R. said...

If you have a smart phone and can download apps, try out MapMyRide. If you go for the paid service it includes GPS capabilities. The program literally maps out your bike ride (or walk). Keeps track of distance and time. You can also listen to your own MP3 playlist music. It's very cool.

I've been riding my bike a lot lately too. Fortunately, FL weather allows for a longer season. Yet another reason for you and LM to move south.

Nan Sheppard said...

So that's where it was coming from... I can visit you again from my laptop, yay! I've been using my phone, hah. Sending an armpit full of fleas to hackers.

Grandmother said...

Winter riding or running has lots to do with proper clothes. Get them and enjoy!

Julie said...

About your comments on my blog...I agree with you completely. I am really hoping that day comes soon.

PattiKen said...

Good for you, Lou. I probably won't recognize you the next time Insee you.

PattiKen said...

Oops, that should be "I see you."