Haiku Friday -

Haiku Friday

Osama is dead.
Think you that they called him 'Sam'?
These things I wonder.

Please note - there is a page with guidelines for Haiku Friday. The link is on top of the right sidebar of this page.

Please excuse the lateness of this post. The Dog ate Blogger's homework and made me late. Oh. and they were offline for new posts until late today (Friday the 13th.).

Please leave a link to YOUR Haiku in comments.

I think I may break down and pay for the "blog hop" code - I've seen it and it's cool. And worth it. Next week.



Anonymous said...

Blogger's still messing up on and off.

Here's Mine

Tara R. said...

I didn't wonder about it before, but I will now.

My haiku is here: Breakfast flock

melissa said...

sam? hahaha. dickhead is more like it. oops, sorry.