Blogger FAIL of 2011

Thursday evening, as I revved up "Luscious" (my MacBook Pro) to get ready for the "Haiku Friday" post, I discovered that Blogger was in a "read only" state and I couldn't get to the 'Dashboard' to create my post.

Later, during the day on Friday, I discovered that the Thursday post was missing and the Blogger status page said it was in the process of restoring the posts which had been removed. Which they did, but minus the comments which were originally there. FAIL!!

Thank goodness for RSS feeds - which had my Thursday post in hand and even though Blogger may have temporarily forgotten it, the feeds hadn't.

When Blogger finally came back up for posting and editing, my Thursday post was gone. I went to the feed, copied the post and then pasted it into a new version of the original post.

Later I found that the original Thursday post WAS out there (minus comments) and I left it there - PLUS I left the second version of the post out there as well - so if you think it's deja vu - it ain't. It's just me placing a gravestone in the Bloggyverse to mark the big Blogger Fail of 2011.



upinthecosmos said...

Love it!!

Tara R. said...

That Blogger Fail had a lot of people very upset. I'm selfish, but it did give me an opportunity to catch up on my blog reading. Glad it was finally back online.

Have Myelin? said...

The Blogger Fail...I was actively involved in watching my blog collapse around me but in my tired state I thought it was my fault of course. It couldn't be BLOGGER's fault, could it??? =p

I wrote a post in draft mode and it "disappeared" for a full day. The next day, it turned up as a post on my blog. I did not rewrite it lol but it sure surprised me. It was more unfinished than anything but...the missing post did turn up but it published itself.

Glad I didn't have notes to myself in the post!