Monday Meanders 10-25

The Bears lost again yesterday. Again, a game they SHOULD have won, but for some sloppy play on offense - by more than just the quarterback. They are making me begin to doubt my 10 and 6 prediction for the year.

Pop Warner football ended yesterday. I took another 300 camera shots yesterday - which will be of value to the families and friends of the kids, mostly. There ARE one or two artistic shots in the group - maybe I'll publish them on Wednesday. Last time this year.

I spent much of the weekend working on stuff for the office. We are implementing some new software systems for Disaster Recovery, and like any software system that's large, complicated and very finicky about configuration, this one has taken its fair share of time and effort to round into shape. One or two more tweaks, however, and we should be good to go. Fingers crossed. What? You don't cross your fingers when it comes to computer stuff?

#3 Son is taking a class in Cultural Anthropology this term, so yesterday, he went to a Greek Orthodox Church (dressed to the nines - very unusual for this boy - he called and asked if the TIE should be tucked in or not) to study the ceremony and then asked the priest, afterward, questions regarding the various elements of the ceremony he observed. I hope his paper will be more informative than the one word answers he gave to my questions about the experience.

High of 80 degrees today, in and around Chicago. And it's less than a week until Halloween.



Audubon Ron said...

The Saints lost yesterday to - CLEVELAND. There is a big dent in the frig door from banging my forehead.

Grandmother said...

Good for your son. I took a course in Cultural Anthro in college because I heard the prof was terrific (he was) and ended up with a minor in Anthropology to my major in Nursing. It changed my world view and enriched my life in ways that continue to this day.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I've always wanted to go to a Greek Orthodox service. You should get his permission to re-publish the paper on your site. :)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Aaaaahhhh, enjoy the weather!

PattiKen said...

My granddaughter called a few weeks ago to interview me about our family. I didn't tell her about you.