This is weird

It's like .. okay ... What do I do now?

I know. I said she's on vacation ... and she is.

SHE is.

I'm not.

So what do I do on Sunday? Watch football? Baseball? No .. wait .. there's Golf on today and Tiger's playing. So we all know what Grannie is going to have the TV nailed to.

Yardwork? Not if I can help it.

But that really isn't the question - what do I do HERE on Sunday?

I know. I can sit here and wonder what to do on Sunday - which is totally recursive and can't possibly go anywhere.

This is weird.



NicoleB said...

Why don't you go and play some Golf yourself, instead of watching the Tigger on TV?

Audubon Ron said...

By the time you get it figured out, the day will be shot. That's what I do.

Joyce-Anne said...

It is a puzzlement. All I can say is for you to try to relax and enjoy your day.