Monday Meanders 9-6

Today is Labor Day. In my mind, and in my life, Labor Day has always been the marker of change - change of seasons, change of activities, and an approaching change in number.

Because I was born on the 8th, and Labor Day is always the first Monday of September, my birthday can never be on Labor Day. By one day. If I had been born 11 hours and 46 minutes sooner, I could, once in a while, share my birthday with a nation holiday - which I thought, when I was a child, would be cool.

As an adult, I know better.

Grannie progresses slowly, meanwhile, I have learned the ins and outs of feeding someone with a feeding tube installed in their stomach. She IS getting her 'swallow' back - once she does, and the feeding tube is removed, she can stop with the "I fed you as a baby, now you can feed me" jokes. Please.

#1 and #3 sons have been observing the processes involved with feeding Grannie. I've told them both to remember how it's done. :)

#3 son goes back to school this week. Because he has been 'wait listed' for the class he really wants, he enlisted in a class called 'Gender Studies' so that he would have the appropriate number of hours for the semester. I am SO waiting to see how THIS works out. Gender Studies? Really?

I know you, Dear Reader, have no idea why I think #3 Son in that class is ludicrous, but if you have watched "Big Bang Theory" on CBS - just think of Sheldon. Imagine HIM in Gender Studies. Now you have it.



NicoleB said...

Gender studies - that gives me the giggles ;)

Will be keeping my fingers crossed for Grannie - and those jokes? Ugh,... ;)

Audubon Ron said...

Happy Birthday in advance.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

what Ron said.

But with big squeezy cuddles that involve breasts. Mine or yours, I am not fussy.

And dude, I TOTALLY got how funny Gender Studies would be. I guess I know you better than I thought.

Tara R. said...

Not sure if it's the same sort of class, but my Sociology Major daughter also took a Gender Studies class. She found is very interesting. But she also reads sociology books for fun.

Feeding tube skills is some all our children should be trained in.

Jientje said...

We celebrate labor day on the first of May.

PattiKen said...

(Ha! I'm loving Kelley's comment!) My daughter took a course in college called "Ways of knowing." I thought that was hysterical. She probably could have taught that class, given that she knew it all at that age.