Sarah's Vacation

You may have noticed that lately Sarah's appearances have been a bit spotty. That is to say, she may or may not appear on a particular weekend and there is no apparent rhyme or reason to her inability to be 'regular'. That's the result of two separate but equally affective influences: Sarah has had a tendency to go off on her own course, even though I might actually have a plan for what she's supposed to do, and it's sometimes difficult to work my way back to where I want her to go; and this seems to be an especially hectic time in my life, and in its hecticness, I've become very distracted and it's been difficult to concentrate.

I know. Excuses.

I think I need to let her take a little vacation while I get my life back into some semblance of order and, while she's 'off', I can write down a plan for the rest of the book. It's beginning to feel to me like it wants to spin out of control - and I don't want the book to wander. I have a target (just like her) and I need to start aiming at that target with more efficiency.

I don't think she'll be off more than a month. When she's ready to come back, I'll announce it here, in this blog, for the whole week before she returns. If you happen not to read me during the week - if you only come here to read Sarah, on the weekends, I will announce her return the Sunday before she comes back. So just check in on Sundays.



quilly said...

You're in my reader. I look at all of your posts. I just mostly only comment on Sarah. My weekends will be a little longer without her.

I have set aside 3 hours a day for my own writing. I think it is past time.

Joyce-Anne said...

Considering all that's been going on in your life, you and Sarah should take all the time you need.

Jientje said...

I nagree, take all the time you need, we're not going anywhere. have a great weekend Lou!