Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho

It's back to work we go ...

I was going to write a post about the amazing resiliency of families - but then, I thought, 'No, not all families are resilient'. I have seen too many families fail.

The funny thing is that "family" will hold groups of people together separated by immense distances, and yet fail to hold husbands, wives and children together, even though they live in the same house.

My Mom has entered a time of her life that I know she never wanted to contemplate. She is dependent on others - for almost everything.

She has a lot of discomfort to deal with. It sometimes makes her short and irritable. She has no privacy, and little dignity, left to her. And yet she endures.

Yesterday, my cousin and her daughter came to visit. They came to cut Grannie's hair. Family, doing something simple, something kind, to let Grannie know they care.

LM (Love Muffin, she who was formerly know as SWMBO) has taken up the duties of Nurse and Care Giver. She has been asked to do some things I could never do. She has done some things, without being asked, I hope no one ever has to do for me.

She is my Family. She is my glue. She is amazing.



Audubon Ron said...

That's why I took up smoking and heavy drinking. I'm not planning on last long.

Good for your wife to take care of your mom.

Grandmother said...

I've missed some posts, Lou, so I don't know if you have Hospice involved for your Mom. They are a valuable resource and can provide excellent pain control meds. As for the simple, human kindnesses, they make life worthwhile and confer great blessings on both givers and recipients. How wonderful that your wife is caring for your Mom's in her time of need. How difficult for your Mom. Prayers for all.

GirlBlue said...

Hugs to you and your family love.

I don't comment often (or at all) but I read.

thanks to you and #1 son for the birthday wishes

GirlBlue said...

Oh and Happy Birthday in advance to you xoxo

PattiKen said...

It must be so hard for your Mom the have it come to this. But I know that she loves you dearly for being there. Even when she snarls. I mean, who wouldn't? Snarl, I mean. Well, actually, love you, too. You are are good people, my friend.

Miss Ash said...

LM is a good woman. I'm glad you have her and she has you!

Did you have a happy birthday?