Just a year ago

Last Friday was the one year anniversary of the death of Farah Fawcett. Given that there was a time when her star sat as high in the sky, for some people, as Michael Jackson's did for others, one wonders at her complete evaporation from the public mind.

True, she never achieved the pinnacle that Michael did, but her first name is just as recognizable as is his.

Think about it. Farah. Michael.

You do remember them both.

And so, to both ...

Rest in Peace.



Grandmother said...

I do. My perspective on Michael changed and my opinion of him went up when I saw his last film: "This Is It". He was amazing!

Melisa with one S said...

Yes. Amen.

Nevine said...

I remember, when I was a little girl, I used to want to style my hair like Farah's. Fat chance of that happening, considering I wore my hair short! As for Michael, I had a 6 ft. poster of him hanging in my room when I was a teenager. Oh, the good years!!!


Jientje said...

One year already!
May they rest in peace.

Wait. What? said...

Agreed. Amen.

PattiKen said...

The Thriller video is still my all-time favorite music video. Michael was such a talent. I see evidence of his influence in choreography all the time.

Farrah morphed from pin-up blond to real actress for me with the Burning Bed. It was a haunting performance.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I'm glad you remembered her, hon. She was so very beautiful and is missed.