Monday Meanders 6-28

It was a busy weekend - much busier than I wanted it to be.

Like any man (okay - most men) I don't really know how to clean house. I can do what I'm told - just point me at it and say "Do!" and it's done. But please don't say "Go clean that room." That ain't gonna work. It's just the way I'm made. There's too much to do, too many choices to make, and I don't know where to start. Something to do with ADD, I think.

You did know I have ADD, right?

Granny may well be running the Rehab Center by the time she's ready to come home. They already call her the "Crochet Lady". Her favorite thing to do is to knit or crochet something for someone when she becomes aware of the need.

We are cleaning house and tossing clutter and yada, yada, yada, in order to give the dining room over to Grannie and the hospital bed she's going to need when she comes home.
I'm kinda glad. It will help me reorder my little studio corner and I'll be able to re-establish my computer space in the family room so I can work more easily on photos.

USA acquitted themselves well in the World Cup - I hated to see them lose the game against Ghana - but if they could have played the 1st half like they played the second half, they might well have gone through to the round of 8. On the other hand - I don't see how they would have won the next game, and I'd rather see them ready to go all the way to the final game.

England, on the other hand (my other favorite team), played poorly in all four games. Or should I say, not up to my expectations for the country that produces teams like Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool. That said, my big question is "Where the hell was Rooney?"

Cubs won, yesterday. The offense finally showed up. And we did it without Carlos Zambrano. I've always thought he was a good pitcher - and he is - but just where his emotional development separates from his ability as a pitcher is that mysterious place where he will be able to tell his grandchildren the love of the Cubs fans disappeared to.



Grandmother said...

ADD as the reason you can't clean a room- I like it, very creative! But, truly, how wonderful of you to make a space over for Granny. You're a prince, even if with ADD.
Watched the USA game with my Italian neighbors who kindly cheered for USA since Italy went home. Ghana played their hearts out and, although I was sad to see USA lose, did you hear the cheering in Africa!

PattiKen said...

How does LM feel about the "ADD"? It takes a lot of backbone for a woman to resist the urge to say "oh, for heaven's sake!" and just do it herself.

You are both wonderful to be doing so much to make granny feel at home. I know she appreciates it.

Mags said...

How long until Granny comes home? I hope she's healing quickly.

Jientje said...

I just got home yesterday and read all your posts. How sad Granny is not well. How wonderful you're making room for her. It'll be so wonderful for her to come home to a loving home.

LceeL said...

Grandmother: It's TRUE. And yes, I heard the cheering.

Pattiken: LM tolerates it - and over the years she's learned to cope.

Mags: At least two more weeks.

Jientje: Welcome home. You have been missed.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Good luck with the household change. You guys are good people, Lou.

Lora said...

I'm bad at cleaning too. I make myself job charts and give myself stars when I accomplish something. It takes me forever because I always find shiny fun stuff to play with while I'm picking things up!

Wait. What? said...

I had no idea you had ADD!

Mrs4444 said...

ADD, huh? For the record, if you took one dose of Adderol, you could go to TOWN in a room (with no instruction at all, I'll bet). I've seen this IRL; it's quite impressive, actually.

Your Granny sounds like a real sweetheart :) I wish her well.