Friday Haiku -

As of 12:01AM this morning, the challenge called "Is Whispering Nothing?" published in The Inferno, The Writer's site I manage in conjunction with The Artist Challenge, a site where visual artists practice their Art and Craft in response to a challenge word or phrase.

Check it out. I'll wait until you get back.

Haiku Friday

These days, so busy
full of life's anxieties
as Christmas draws near.

Presents for children
and decorating the tree
foremost in your mind.

Top to bottom clean
your home will be just perfect
with lights on the roof

But let's not forget
what the day is all about
It's Jesus' Birthday.



kcgirlgeek said...

I have never done very well with haiku. That was really excellent.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Thank you.... I feel more, well, peaceful, now.

moneythoughts said...

Yes, and let us try to be a little nicer. We never know the stress that others are under.

Employee No. 3699 said...

"But let's not forget..."

Exactly. I sometimes wonder how many children are out there waiting for Santa and have no clue who Jesus is.

Loraine said...

As a Pagan, for me the Holiday is about the shortest day of the year, an awakening, the Rebirth of the Sun, as from this day til the Summer Solstice, the days get longer and longer.

LceeL said...

kcgirlgeek: Thank you, Lori.

Mrs F with 4: I'm glad. My work is done here.

Moneythoughts: Would that we were all nicer.

Employee: The don't get a clue from the Christmas hype, that's for sure.

Loraine: Happy Saturnalia.

Joyce-Anne said...

I remind my children that Christmas is about Jesus' birthday all the time.