Boxing Day, Part Deux

What started out as a lazy day is actually turning into two. That, and I am still working through the next bit of Sarah in my mind. It actually is turning out to be a little complex - in this next bit, Sarah is going to come to understand why Sully tried to have her killed - and I have to figure out all of the ramifications of that.

And, to top it all off, today is my last day of my little mini holiday vacation. Tomorrow, it's back to work. So I'm relaxing and playing Tiger Woods Gold 10. And having fun.

I'll do more Sarah this coming weekend. She is going to begin the new year with a bang.



Jientje said...

Enjoy your off time, relax and have fun. Sarah is always worth the wait.
You can't hurry ... a good story!

Tara R. said...

I'm glad you're enjoying some relaxing time off. Hope you and yours had a great Christmas.

Loraine said...

I can't wait... yes I can. Relax. :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, I see you do have to go back to work. MAN! That stinks! I hope it is a good week with very little stress! : )

LceeL said...

Jientje: The story is distilling in my mind.

Tara R: We did have a wonderful Christmas.

Loraine: Soon, my Darling. Soon.

Life with Kaishon: It will be a quiet week. But Thanks.

Joyce-Anne said...

Hope you enjoyed your day!