Monday Meanders 12-28

Well, let's see ... that's 64 Christmases down and something between 0 and 100 to go. I hope that it's a big number - but somehow I think 64 more is a bit of a stretch.

#1 Son has the worst luck with cars. Yesterday Mark and I replaced the alternator in his car - for the second time. Normally, that's not all that big a deal, but when you have to work in an unheated garage and it's 19 degrees outside - well, it gets miserable.

Today it's back to work, although this is going to be a short week and fairly quiet. Still, there's a fair list of things to do - perhaps this week of quiet will give me a chance to pick off a few of the critters that have taken up long term residence on my project list. Hopefully.

This coming weekend, Sarah is going to be able to figure out why she was a target for a hit. Things are going to start to happen fast. I just don't know where, exactly, things are going to go. I know where they INTEND to go - but where they start running off to once I start writing is anybody's guess.

Christmas for the family was great - everyone was there and everyone enjoyed the food, the drink, the presents and just being together. That's the best present, for me. Just being together.

This time of year is so busy and I have fallen WAY behind in my reader - I'm never going to catch up. I hope y'all will forgive an MAAR - but it's my only hope. I have to start fresh.

I hope everyone's Holidays have been Merry - this time of year is always an extreme of emotions - highs and lows both - and I hope these days find everyone hale and hearty. And for those few who have found heartache and misery in the days just past - for you I have a HUG. A big, hearty HUG.

Just remember ...



Jientje said...

The days just past were great, being together with family is the best present. No real misery or heartache except to see my father getting older, and THAT always gives me a cringe. I think I'll take the hug anyway! ;-)

Mrs F with 4 said...

I'm so glad you all had a good time... and, Jientje, watching your father get older sure beats the alternative :(

The hug is most definitely needed around here. By me, at any rate.

Audubon Ron said...

Happy New Year dude.

Shadow said...

you sound wide awake and ready to go... i hope i feel like you next week when it's my turn to go back to work...

Heather said...

I am back at work today too, and I am not nearly as awake as you are! BUT, I am heading your way March 24-28th, so we should plan something because I want to cash in on that hug ;)

Nan said...

Big hugs to you, even if you're already merry! We are home and London was gorgeous. Happiness all round! New Year's Blessings to you my friend!

Melisa with one S said...

My reader is disgusting. That's the only word I can think of right now to adequately describe it. I'm going to use the next 30 minutes to catch up with what reading I can and then start clean, too. :)

Hope your holidays have been great!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I'm doing a brief skip through on some blogs and then MAAR, too.

Merry Christmas! Hope his car isn't any more of a hassle this year.

Life with Kaishon said...

Lou, do you know I am not even sure where my reader is : ) I click on that reader button on some blogs I love but the posts do not come to my email. Do you wonder how someone that went to college could be this nutty about all things computer related? Me too! My photoshop is saying all scratch disks full again. I think I need to go buy some more memory. Or a new computer. Or something!

I am SO glad your family could be together and have so much love to share. That is a beautiful thing!

LceeL said...

Jientje: Hug? Anytime.

Mrs F with 4: You too, Beccy. Hugs anytime.

Audubon Ron: The same to you, Sir.

Shadow: I hope so, for you, too.

Heather: You just let me know when and where. I'm there.

Nan: The same to you, Sweet lady, and to all of yours.

Melisa with one S: The Holidays were. And are. HUGS.

Tracey: His car should be good for a while. I hope.

Life with Kaishon: Readers posts don't come to you via email - I'll help you with that, too. I will email you tomorrow.

Momisodes said...

I can hardly believe Christmas has come and gone already. Has it really been over 2 years since we first began this blogging thing??

CaraBee said...

Being together really is the most important thing during the holidays. That and turkey. Lots of turkey.

Sometimes you just gotta MAAR. It's painful, but you'll feel better after, I promise.

NicoleB said...

Good to hear that Christmas was great.
Wishing you all the Best for the coming year!