Boxing Day, American Style

Today is Saturday, the 26th. The day after Christmas. In England it's called Boxing Day. A national holiday. And, in honor of our friends over there in England and their day of celebration, LouCeeL is taking the day off. Sarah and Jake are still in bed, but I suppose after a week of ... fooling around, they may be ready to find something else to do, so I suspect, strongly, they'll be back on the job tomorrow. Me, on the other hand - I want to do nothing more that curl up in my new Snuggie and read a book. And maybe write some stuff for Sarah and Jake.

Happy Boxing Day.



Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day and enjoy your day off!

Jientje said...

You do that ... and enjoy it!
I had my lazy jammies day yesterday!

Shadow said...

that's what holidays are about, taking days off... enjoy!

Eve Grey said...

In Canada, it's called Boxing Day too & it's a statutory holiday. Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing Day Lou!

Mrs F with 4 said...

We, too are having a nice lazy day, enjoying our presents, and good company... and Christmas cake, mince pies and brandy butter.... and I am about to dive headlong into the HUGE pile of books I received. What bliss!

Joyce-Anne said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! After my marathon over Thursday and Friday, I (really) slept in today...till 10 AM!!!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

*sob* it is a holiday in Australia too you know... what about your friends in Australia?


(and DUDE? You have a snuggie? Law of the internet, pics or it didn't happen)

NicoleB said...

Hope you had fun with your Snuggie.
Taking time off is a good thing.
I did.
But I sure still feel like curling up in bed.
Guess I will. Later :)
Still have to play catchup on the last two Sarah stories. Oh well, they don't run away, do they?
Wishing you a good Sunday!

Life with Kaishon said...

You got a Snuggie! That just made my day (or night rather : ) I hope you have a wonderful week! Do you have to go into the city to work? I am crossing my fingers that you don't!