Friday Haiku - 4th of July

Haiku Friday

Hot Dogs will be had
There will be drinking of beer
The 4th of July

Parades in the Sun
Bombs bursting in air by night
The 4th of July

No work on this day
Our nation honors its past
The 4th of July

But then we must think
of what will happen after
The 4th of July

What will it be like
When again we lap the Sun
Next 4th of July?

What will it be like?
Will we want to celebrate?
Next 4th of July?

Perhaps a bit pessimistic in tone. Sorry, I don't really mean to be a downer. It's just that I am worried. There are people in my cyber family who have been, and who are going to be, affected by the lack of leadership our country is suffering through. But just so you know I am an equal opportunity pessimist, I would point out to you that the lack of leadership has existed for much longer than GW has been in office. That does not, however, excuse the current lack of leadership. On the part of the President and on the part of both houses in Congress.

It seems that some time ago, our 'leaders' began to be more concerned with the needs of 'Party' than the good of the People. (Partisan politics are the worst sickness this country suffers from.) They became more concerned about their NEXT term in office than doing a good job in the current one. The needs of 'Special Interests' have risen to a higher priority than the needs of the People because they, the 'Special Interests', have the money our leaders need to fund their re-election. Much of that money winds up in the hands of the National Leadership of the Parties, and so our leaders become 'devoted' to the party line - in order to get re-elected.

This is beginning to go in circles and I don't want everybody to go away and never come back so I'm just going to say "Happy 4th of July". And say, in the words of Jose Jimenez the famous American Astronaut, saying what I feel every man should be saying in his own way, (*channels a thick Spanish accent here*)"People, of the United States of America ... please don't let them do this to me!"


Audubon Ron said...

Is Haiku a Sushi?

Huckdoll said...

I know nothing of American politics other than everyone's threatening to move to Canada if certain people win the next election, so I have nothing much to say, but...

Happy 4th! Enjoy the day.

maggie's mind said...

This might be the one day of the year that I'm taking a break from worrying about where things are headed, but I'm with you in not feeling so chipper about the general outlook and direction. Understatement that I'll leave there.

Very nicely haiku'd.

calicobebop said...

Here's hoping some all American Beer and Hotdogs will lift your spirits! Though it may be a tad early to start drinking... Aw heck, it's happy hour somewhere!

Happy Fourth!

Rebecca said...

Times really are tough now, aren't they? I think we'll make it... life won't ever be quite the same, but what ever is?

Andreamuse said...

Everything does feel so uncertain now...one day at a time, I say, one day at a time..

ya ya's mom said...


Queen Goob said...

Its a shame all of those politicians got the whole "party" definition wrong......except for Bill cause that guy really DID know how to party!

Happy fourth, Lceel!

Cathy said...

That's a great haiku. I feel pretty fed up with politics, too. Happy Fourth!

Tash said...

I know about worrying - our beautiful Trinidad is heading on a downward spiral that there seems to be no coming back from. My heart is heavy.

Enjoy the holiday and keep faith that the world unfolds as it should...

Eve Grey said...

Excellent haiku.
My dad actually moved from the States as a young man because of the politics going on at the time (Nixon, Vietnam). Sounds like a similar political climate now. There are so many thoughtful people who are worried.
Enjoy your holiday!

LceeL said...

Audubon Ron: Yeah, the kind you have to be real careful with 'cause it could be poisonous.

Huckdoll: The ONLY reason to move to Canada is because you're there.

maggie's mind: Thank you. Understated.

calicobebop: I don't know how many times I've said, "Well, it's got to be 5 o'clock SOMEWHERE."

rebecca: I'm all FOR change. But change with DIRECTION.

andreamuse: You are so lovely. Thank you.

ya ya's mom: I didn't call for an AMEN - but I'll take it.

queen goob: When that whole thing was developing, and we were just finding out who was involved, I was listening to the Kathy and Judy show on WGN radio, Chicago. Kathy is Irish Catholic, Judy is Jewish. Judy said (or as close as I can remember it), "Who is this girl? She can't be Jewish!! Jewish girls don't DO that!!" I beg to differ.

cathy: And a Happy 4th to you.

tash: It seems everywhere you turn, things are in decline. It's enough to make one a pessimist.

LceeL said...

eve grey: That was a hard thing to do back then. Give up one's home and country for a belief. A brave man.

Hyphen Mama said...

Happy 4th to you!

It's ironic to me to be celebrating our Independence when the word of the year seems to be "Dependence" (on foreign oil, that is).

One time I lamented to my mom that I was too afraid to bring kids into THIS world. She laughed and said that when she was pregnant with my brother in 1969, she cried to her grandmother who said "We cried in the 1920's that this was the worst time the earth had ever seen and we feared for our children. Every generation says it." So every time I wish I'd lived in an earlier, simpler time...I think of my great grandmother's words.

I feel this country will not be what it is meant to be until the current government model is completely replaced. Replacing the figure head will do nothing.

Elizabeth said...

I am an equal opportunity pessimist, too. But I'm trying to be optimistic otherwise I'd be scared shitless all the time, especially when I think what this world may be like for my growing girls. God forgive us all if we continue to screw up this world.

That was a bit pessimistic, wasn't it? Whoops!

I always enjoy your Haikus. Happy 4th!

neutron said...

hyphen mama, I wouldn't say the US depends on foreign anything. Tactics.

lceel, I didn't find this depressing at all and am glad you wrote. The truth hurts but it shouldn't. How else can we make change and improve?

tiff said...

This wasn't down Lou. I don't know much about polotics in USA but I do know alot of people feel the same way.

moneythoughts said...

I hope you had a nice 4th Lou. My dog is resting now. He hates the fireworks as the sounds make him very nervous and he pants a lot. I live in a neighborhood where people set off fireworks and it plays hell with him. My friend and I went to the 4th parade and it rained here, but it was still fun. When we got back home, it was only 3 short blocks away, Bud, my dog chewed up all kinds of cardboard in the house. He is 8 yrs now and the sounds from the parade must have made him very upset. This year has been far worse than any other year for him. I know Bud could do without the sounds of the 4th, but people must have their fun. Take care.

Shadow said...

happy 4th of july. heee heee heee.

i feel your sentiments though. i feel politicians are more about selfgain and selfpromotion and selfenrichment than 'for the greater good'. but that may be just 'cause i'm living in sa? who knows. but the issues, globally, seems to be the same. but, i don't do politics, so this is all from me on that.

secret agent mama said...


Sandy C. said...

Well said, and honest.

"what will happen after
The 4th of July..." I share the same concern.

Lady Language said...

I'm moving my family to Canada next year if things get any worse around here...I'll continue to visit your blog though :-)

Jennifer said...

I think you speak for most of us when you say what you did. I am greatly concerned for our country. Every day I question myself on bringing children up in a time like this... although I know it could be a lot worse... I also know it SHOULD be a lot better!! :)

well put!!

happy 4th, well belated!! :)

hope you had a good and safe one!