Friday the 4th, part 2

It's a really lazy day around here, today. Zach is still sleeping. So is Louie, our oldest (don't ask, okay?). I went to McDonald's and got coffee for me and Grannie, who is sitting in front of the TV, with her Martian Headset on (headphones for listening to TV without disturbing the rest of the neighborhood), her laptop in her lap, and her knitting strewn all over hell and creation.

Grannie does a LOT of knitting. All by hand. And crocheting. She crocheted a whole friggin' white bedspread for my cousin. For a queen-sized bed. And it is beautiful. (say the word slowly, bea u ti ful). And she makes doilies and centerpiece thingies and all kinds of stuff. She once knitted a Dr. Who scarf for me. It is 10 feet long. Multicolored. And WARM. Grannie does that kind of thing because she loves me.

There. That's better than the first Friday post. It's kind of a downer and I have felt uneasy about that post ever since I put it up. But I felt it so I posted it. But I really don't want to bring anybody down, so now you don't have to read the Haiku unless you want to. And I can feel better now. Because, like I said, I don't want to bring anybody down. I love you guys. Happy (and safe) 4th of July.


Huckdoll said...

Well, I thought your Haiku was awesome.

Grannie sounds like a very cool and talented woman, you are lucky.

Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Elizabeth said...

If Grannie is looking to knit someone something I'll send you my address. ;)

I hope you are feeling better. And you shouldn't feel uneasy about expressing yourself. That's what brings us all here, doesn't it?

Rebecca said...

No worries, Lou.

BUT I understand... I've felt uneasy about a few posts here and there... a couple of I've even deleted, but I HATE DOING THAT.

Blogging can be such weird business... it shouldn't be, but it is. (I'm regretting that certain people I work with have my blog address -- my own stupidity is the reason -- but that's a blog post for another day.

Alice said...

Does Grannie = Annie or is Grannie a new character I don't know yet?

It's pretty lazy here too. GirlChild and I just got back from the river and we had to degunkify. The dead fish smell was pretty potent on this hot day. Whew.

LceeL said...

Huckdoll: Goin' to a Jackhammers game tonight. Gonna have fun. And fireworks. And a safe 4th.

elizabeth: What would you like?

Rebecca: Sweetheart, there isn't a bent bone in your body (which means you are a straight arrow). I wouldn't worry too much.

Alice: Grannie is my Mom - she'll be 82 on the 15th of this month, Annie is SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) - the woman to whom I am married but I don't get to see as much as I would like (I'll post about that someday), Louie is my 26 year old son, the classic under-achiever, lives at home (for now), Alex is my 24 year old son, who is married and lives about 20 miles away in his own house, Alex is married to Lynn, who is about a year and a half old than he, and we call her Bitsy, cause she's so short (Alex is 6'1") - she might also be called Bootylicious, because sh'e just a but rumpy, and the Zach, our 17 year old Asbergers boy, who has been living at school but flunked a couple of courses this semester so he isn't being invited back and he will take his Senior year at our home school, Plainfield Central High School. That just about covers the cast of characters.

Queen Goob said...

No offence taken here....and a lazy day it is for me as well. Enjoying the calm before the storm (Spawn comes home tomorrow)

redchair said...

Well, -I have something that will cheer you up: I have 3 cats. They were feral and came into my life one by one. (You know, the kind of cats no one wants?) They are a motley looking crew but bring me a lot of joy. Leo is almost 9, Pearly is 6 and Manny is 3.

I entered them in 4th of July contest. “Dress up your pets”. I made an Uncle Sam’s hat out of some heavy paper for them. You can’t imagine 3 more pissed off cats. I spent half the day running around trying to catch them and force them to wear the hat. Ears flat -eyes narrow, I finally got my pictures. I put their photos on a flag background with a fancy title.

There were dogs, cats and some pretty extraordinary looking goats that entered the contest. (One goat was called ‘The Diva’ and wore feathers and a tiara.) I thought, “We don’t have a chance in hell.’

Guess what? WE won! WE are CHAMPIONS!! We’re getting a prize even! Go figure?

Christy said...

I liked both posts.

I never feel brought down by post--especially yours. I feel concerned, glad to hear people care, or surprised to hear about something I didn't know....

I don't feel the emotion is forced on me. It might, like the Haiku, awaken a worry I already have, but that's OK.

I agree with Elizabeth and Rebecca.

It's funny, putting your thoughts out there, and not as simple as I thought.

maggie's mind said...

I liked both posts and am glad you put it out there. There can be joy and sorrow in the same breath, and today Americans to have a lot to think about where both come to my mind. I've been alternating lazy with productive just because it's the first day it's been cool enough to get some cleaning done. Someday I'd love to learn how to knit and crochet. Go Grannie!

nicole said...

No need to feel bad about it.
It's how many people feel, I think.
And I think, you're right.

And you know what I read about your granny in front of the TV,..., I thought she had a Martini in her hands :P
Had to read it twice ;)

Hyphen Mama said...

I like the first post, too.

Go Grannie! I've tried to crochet and just cannot get it. My mom makes blankets for my kids. Wynnie drags hers around and it's torn and tattered and it doesn't matter. My mom made her another one to replace the old one. NO. The first one is THE one. Grandma's are the BEST.

Glad for the little update on Zach.

Sandy C. said...

Not better, just different. I think your Haiku was very well done, and a great reminder. Sounds like Grannie is quite a talented woman! Hope you're enjoying the weekend together :)

Jennifer said...

sounds like a nice relaxing day! ugh. one that i haven't had in a while. I'm typing you this between doing loads of laundry... get it loads ha ha!! okay not funny but whatever... i'm tired!! ;) and dishes and feeding kids and playing with kids and trying to clean up our house after a long weekend of neglecting it... and also getting things ready for camping which we leave on this coming Sunday. ... but anyway... this post was nice, of course, i love that Grannie keeps herself entertained and sounds so wonderfully talented! :) and that your boys are sleeping in. :) BUT, I will only speak for myself when I say/type this, but I was not brought down by your other post at all... you were just honest... and I think really, you only said what the rest of us were thinking and or feeling. at least you did for me.
:) oh and about not coming back... not a chance... i'm hooked... and you are stuck with me and my LONG winded comments... mostly blabbering... sorry!! :0)