Haiku Friday - what I am

Haiku Friday

I am what I am
nothing more and nothing less
I am what I am

I am who I am
who is that, really, you ask
I am who I am

I will be always
who I am and what I am
always, forever

the trick is, you see
to be able to see ME
who and what I am


GirlBlue said...

This is apt.
Use this and see me
all of me, the happy and the sad
the snake lover and the agitated bi polar girl
accept that they are both me
Don't worry just see ME


Rebecca said...

Isn't that the truth! All of it. For all of us. Great 'ku!

Anonymous said...

Did Popeye write this originally? ;-)

Sandy C. said...

A creative man
an artist through paint and words
Always great haiku's

nicole said...

Love it - so true - and everyone should remember this when dealing with people.

LceeL said...

girlblue: HUGS to you, too.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Grandview: Either him or Bluto. Authorship was never really settled.

Sandy: Thank you.

Nicole: Thank you. And yes, especailly in the part of the world you've been living in.

Lady Language said...

Amazing...You rock dude!

Anonymous said...

If only everybody had that self-confidence in themselves this would be a better world.

Hyphen Mama said...

Have you always been poetic? Or does it come with time honed wisdom?

Elizabeth said...

I really, REALLY enjoyed the last one.

the planet of janet said...

well, that is quite profound! well done