100 Word challenge - Eden

What follows is in response to the 100 Word Challenge authored by the evanescent Velvet Verbosity. The word is 'Eden'.

There are those who would say that Eden is lost. For Eden was Innocence; we knew not we were naked. And Eden was no knowledge of Fear; danger had never arisen. And Eden was a lack of Want; all needs were provided for. And it would seem that Eden is lost. But there are those among us who live in Innocence; they don't care if they're clothed. And they have no fear; for they don't recognize and understand danger. And they want for nothing; they ask for nothing beyond what they are given. They are Children. They live in Eden.

Well, having done my duty, I'm going downstairs to paint. I'm not too happy with this one - somehow I couldn't get the whole thing together in my head. I must have had a dozen different approaches and ideas for this but I just couldn't get the high falutin' thing I was shooting for to crystalize in my head.

Oh .. notice the new thingy at the top - titled 'Erin in November'. It is a slideshow of the first seven update pictures for the new painting - and that's the title of the painting. Unless it changes between now and when it's done. Erin, for those who might not know, is another name for Ireland. It's Irish. Actually, in Irish it's 'Eireann'. Erin is easier to spell.


witchypoo said...

I love seeing the painting in progress thingie. I hope thingie isn't too technical a term.

Allison said...
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Allison said...

Irish names are great. My son's name is the old Irish form of his name. People are always confusing it with the English/Americanized version, and we're always correcting them. Poor thing, it'll have to be done for the rest of his life!

secret agent mama said...

I would love to see a painting of this 100 words, Lou. It's brilliant.

nicole said...

If everyone could see that we still live in Eden, strip off their clothes and with it their greed, the world would be an awesome place.
But it's human nature to always want more. That's what made Eden impossible for many people in the first place.

The painting looks lovely and the name fits it well!

tiff said...

Lou You are an amazing writer, you captured Eden.

Hyphen Mama said...

I love your post about Eden! Brilliant.

In the Eden at my house, we beg the dwellers to EAT THE APPLE. PLEASE EAT THE APPLE.

Rebecca said...

I REALLY love your 100-word challenge "response." Awesome!