Wordless(y) Wednesday Plus Bath

Okay - not REALLY a Wordless Wednesday - but there IS a WW picture at the end, and even THAT has a caption.

And keep in mind, you can always click on a picture to pop it out so you can actually SEE it, and the hit your BACK arrow to get back into the post.

The Roman ruins at Bath are very extensive - but most lie hidden 14 to 15 feet underground. There has been much excavation, but even much of that is not open for public viewing. Some of the excavations have been reconstructed since they were uncovered. And some of the original function and purpose of the ruins has been restored - at least, to the point where water flows through them again. No one actually bathes in the baths any longer. Safety and all that.

So pools lie dry and unused,

and facing stones from temple facades decorate the walls.

Not all of the facings have been recovered, so they hang there, incomplete.

What you see next is another view of the wooden diorama depicting the full visualization of the Baths in the 4th century. The round building in the foreground is a pagan temple which, at this time, probably lies under the 16th century Abbey which stands next to the baths, pictures of which I will publish tomorrow, the last day of the baths.

And now .. another diorama, this one depicting the ruins as they currently exist; that is, this one shows what is original to the Roman Baths as they currently understand it and as they have been excavated. The rectangle to the right of center is the big pool pictured yesterday, and the pool a little left of center, with the archway standing in front of it, is the one with the dramatic lighting and the coins in the bottom, also depicted yesterday.

I really want to go back there and spend some time there. Days maybe. Because I want to understand.

And now, my Wordless(y) Wednesday picture - caption and all:

"C'mon you guys! Help me find the car. 'Cause I am NOT flying home!"

UPDATE: There is an update on the new painting here.


Sandy C. said...

LOL at your parking lot pic ;)

Those diorama's are amazing. They look so extensive as tiny replicas, I cannot even imagine how massive it really is. I would say a few days would be great to explore. That would be incredible :)

Kelley said...

I haven't been around for a couple of days so now reading all your posts and swooning at the pictures. The baths are fascinating.

Rebecca said...

I really like that second photo!

Nicole said...

Grin, lazy birdie :D

Elizabeth said...

The fact that I'm sitting here, at home, on my vacation is really starting to sadden me. *sigh* What I need is some culture! Some history! Someone to clean my house while I'm away!

I'm totally digging the painting. I can't wait to see it finished!

If I need a leg model I'll be sure to let you know. You may have to wax, though. ;)

The Intracerebral Itinerary said...

I can't wait to be able to do some fieldwork with my fellow anthropologists. Ironically, it's only the homework that's holding me back...

LceeL said...

Sandy: Incredible. The word only scratches the surface.

Kelley: Thanks. I'm so glad you like the pictures.

Rebecca: Thank you. Me, too.

Nicole: I HATE seagulls - but that was funny to see.

Elizabeth: This painting is going better than the first - quicker, anyway. Waxed? How about shaved from head to toe?

t.i.i.: Isn't that always the case?

Queen Goob said...

The baths are absolutely extraordinary!

LceeL said...

Queen G.: Yes they are - and even more so in person.