Not clean yet, more baths

For the second day in a row I'm publishing photos of the Roman baths in Bath, England. The first picture requires a bit of explanation. The picture is of a wooden depiction of the layout of the baths in about 300 A.D. That's around 250 years AFTER the baths were first developed by the Romans - essentially, they were busy builders for all that time, constantly updating and adding on to the the facility. In the picture you see two vaulted structures. The one further toward the rear is the oldest part of the baths and it covers what you'll see in the next two pictures.

The next picture looks down into the main bath area from the West end of the upper tier. One enters the complex at that level, but on the East end, which is what you're looking at in this photo. So, to take this picture, I have walked around the upper tier and I am looking back toward the way I came in.

This next picture is taken from a position on the lower level (which is well below street level) directly below where the upper level picture was taken from. (I know that's sloppy English, but I'm the one telling the story here, and I'm not doing it for grades.)

The Romans, having taken their nice, hot bath, would retire to the fridgidarium, which is the room with the cold pool, to close up the pores. This room is very dark and, the way it is lit, now forms a reflection pool. People throw money in this pool, like a wishing well. This photo is hand held in dim light. I love the way the waves in the water make the light play across the bottom.

Tomorrow I will finish with Bath. Bright and squeaky clean.


Elizabeth said...

I'll be a bit sad after you're squeaky clean. I've been enjoying your Bath tales.

Julie said...

That last photo is beautiful. I love the reflections across the bottom of the pool.

Veronica said...

I looked at that first photo for ages. Gosh, it would have been a rather large place after they finished adding bits to it.

Nicole said...

Now I want to go to a Sauna with the whole nine yards, sigh.....

Love the second picture!

Sandy C. said...

I'm lovin the bath segments. The main bath area is huge! I love all the detail work along the perimeter and on the street level.

The light reflections in the water is lovely.

Can't wait to see more!

Hyphen Mama said...

I'm struck by the almost blase body language so many of the individuals are exhibiting. In my head I'd be thinking "Holy Cow!! Roman baths, 2000 years old. So much history. What more can I learn?" On the left side of the 2nd picture, when enlarged, shows a guy in the upper left window, who appears to either be an adolescent who could not care less, or he's on his cell phone. The girl on the far left bottom of the photo, whose red jacket is all but dangling in the water... seems unimpressed with it all.

Oh, to be so unimpressed with 400 years worth of work.

I'm also struck by the contrast of Roman Baths in the UK that it causes a bit of a hiccup in my mind process. Although historically I know the Romans were in that area thousands of years ago, I still think of the UK as the Queen's domain and would be "decorated" as such.

You are a great photographer and your captions are like a virtual tour. Thank you!