C Word Challenge PLUS

Today's 100 Word Challenge, authored by the lovely and astute Velvet Verbosity, is LIPS. Notice, in keeping with the recent subject of this blog (the Roman baths at Bath), 100 is expressed as 'C' in the title of this post. (Just in case you don't happen to be up to speed on your Roman numerals.) And, of course, after the C Word Challenge, we will finish exploring Bath. Without further ado ...

Lips smile, and let the world know we are well and happy.
Lips pout when we don't get our way, or when the world intrudes itself in an unhappy fashion.
Lips pucker in anticipation of a baby kiss or when they have been attacked by a strong dose of lemon.
Lips soothe when the world has bounced itself off our noggin or scraped some skin off our knee.
Lips give form and shape to our speech, wherein we express love, kindness and understanding.
Lips nuzzle and nibble and tease our tingly senses. Oh, the things we do with our lips.

Oooo. That was fun. Now, on to Bath.

Well, maybe not. Blogger is giving me a problem when I attempt to upload photos. I am hoping it's temporary. In the meantime, there is an update to my new painting here. Same version I updated yesterday's post with.



Julie said...

I like the new painting so far.

And your tribute to lips.

Hyphen Mama said...

Very nice ode to the LIPS. Mine are currently pursed, since I cannot upload photos in blogger either!

the planet of janet said...

love the ode to lips ;-)

tiff said...

Beautiful prose about the lips and I love your painting so far

Velvet Verbosity said...

Much more tame than I imagined, but delightful!

Rebecca said...

MOST excellent! I love these!

secet agent mama said...

I love my Lips.. USTA!

(Veggie Tale reference. Ignore Me.)

LOL xxoo