England on Wednesday

I know the time says different - I'm too lazy to change the profile settings - but right now it is 10 to 11 on Wednesday evening. Went to Stonehenge and Bath today, ate dinner in this GREAT Turkish restaraunt called Ishtar (in London) and right from there went to see 'The Sound of Music' at the Palladium. So, again, I am tired. This disease I suffer from (Old, Fat and Ugly Disease) is getting to be a pain in my ass. (sorry) I find I have let myself get out of shape - more than I had thought. I will not allow this to continue. I have a family, and I have my Annie, and I need to be fit and strong for these people. I have my cyber family, too, and I'm sure you would wish me fit rather than weak and ill. So, although I'm not going to announce some grand strategy to return to hale and hearty manhood, I will say that I am going to make sure I get into better shape than I am now.

I have taken over 250 photos so far. There are probably 10 or 15 that exemplify the trip, so far, and are worth showing to others. There are some others that, with a little cropping might be worthwhile, as well.

I am also planning (hoping) to write something worthwhile about visiting the Land of Boudicea and returning home. There is a germ of an idea, in there. We shall see what comes out. More tomorrow. I love and miss you all.


Nicole said...

Yes, you need to be fit and healthy!
For your family and us.
And yes, it is easy to get out of shape...ask me.... :S

Am so looking forward to the pictures :D!
We will be in Dubai for 3 days next week.
We will see how that will turn out.
Would love to make a desert tour and see some old stuff, but hubby got a warning at work to do stuff like that - due to terrorists... :S

Julie said...

Europe has too many steps. I thought I was going to vomit about halfway up the hillside in Assissi. We were going up to a medieval fortress at the top of the hill, where you could walk through the tunnels in the walls, so it was worth the agony, but man, I am so not in shape...

Cannot wait to see your photos!

Sandy C. said...

Yes....you and I...we need to get our but into gear and get healthy! I've had nothing but junk to eat all week and there's a bathing suit (2 pieces) with my name on it.

250 pics!? Whew, you're going to need some extra memory or burn them elsewhere. Can't wait to see some!