England on Tuesday

Went walkies at the Tower Of London. More stairs than you can shake a stick at. I am SSSOOOOO tired. At the moment I am writing this, the rest of my group are climbing their way to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral. 324 feet up. Not me. I ain't crazy. Besides, I've seen the ambulances here and they're really small - and, as we all know, I'm NOT. I'm on my way back to the hotel, with the really tiny rooms, to take a nap. We're going to the Theatre again this evening. A show called 'We Will Rock You'. Tomorrow will be Stonehenge and Bath. No - I'm not taking a bath - we're going to the town of Bath. Roman baths there, you know. We went see my girl, Bodicea. Took many snaps. Tomorrow.


Julie said...

I am back from Italia. My son Zach and I took 1826 photos. Lots of average stuff, at least 100 that are awesome and stunning. I have weekly winners for a year off this trip.

Can't wait to see your photos!

Anonymous said...

hi ya, I did the Stonehenge/Bath trip. They put a fence around Stonehenge and no one in my group wanted to stop since you have to pay to get inside the fence to see the rocks. Big fat disappointment.
I did enjoy Bath though. The view as you enter the city is freaking wonderful.

Have a good time

warriorwoman said...

anonymous is actually me. Fluffy got in the way and I hit Send before I put my name in.


GirlBlue said...

Glad you're having such a wonderful time, can't wait to see all your pics when you put them up.

Nicole said...

I'm looking forward to see the Lady and Stonehenge!!

Sandy C. said...

You crack me up. 324 feet up sounds like no fun. Hope your feet had some time to rest. Can't wait to see the pics of Bodicea!! So excited you finally saw her :)