England on Thursday

It was Wicked. Literally. We went to see 'Wicked' this evening. F A N T A S T I C. Earlier in the day we went to the Globe Theatre (re-creation of Shakespeare's theatre) in Southwark, London. We had a great workshop session. I will never read Shakespeare in the same way, again. When you realize how his plays were put on, performed, it makes so much sense and Shakespeare becomes so simple.

We had dinner this evening at an English Pub. Chicken and Chips with fresh carrots. Although there are restaraunts from all over the world here in London, their native food is still very bland. They just don't learn.

I'm getting better, it seems, though I have lost my voice (the weather), but I am not as sore and tired as I have been recently. Getting my second wind, I guess. Not as many pictures today - but I have shots from everywhere we've gone, so I should be able to put together quite the photo-show.



Elizabeth said...

Cool cool cool! Oh, man I'm so jealous right now. :)

I hope that you continue to get better.

Nicole said...

Glad you are having a good time!
Hope your throat feels better soon!

Sandy C. said...

Oh I've heard great things about Wicked! So jealous :)

So sorry to hear about your voice. I hope it returns soon.