Friday Haiku - painting

Haiku Friday

The canvas awaits
the touch of brush and color
that which makes it art.

the canvas is blank
toned, but otherwise naked
like a writers page.

Once it is begun
it flows from start to finish
anxious to be born

but starting is hard
the first stroke, like the first word
the hard one to make.

And what will it be,
this art, a thing of beauty?
or perhaps ugly.

And of those who judge,
who will be kind and will lie?
who will truthful be?

I will not judge it
beauty is in other eyes
other beholders.

I am the father
I will have given it life
I cannot be fair

It is up to you
you must call it good or bad
secretly, I know.

Look at what I got!!! From Tiff at Three Ring Circus. She is the heroic mother of 7 children (count slowly: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven - now you know what I mean by 'heroic') and the proprietress of one really cool Aussie blog.

p.s. Because of time constraints, this FRIDAY blog entry has been published on Thursday evening.


Lady Language said...

Dear Lou - I have tagged you with an award so you must head over to my blog and continue the tag if you so wish :)

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Hmm... did I mention talented?!?
Very talented!

And very deserving of your award - congratulations!

Maddy said...

Well done you. I've never had much luck with those, I think it skipped my skill set.
BEst wishes

Casdok said...

Those words paint a beautiful picture!

Sandy C. said...

Loved this....I can only imagine the trepidation in the strokes of a painting. At least with writing there's a backspace or an eraser. Don't stress it. This won't be your last painting. It's all part of the process. Another piece to your artistic puzzle :)

LceeL said...

Lady L.: I love that bling. I will publish on Monday and pass it along, as well.

Elissa: Thank you so much. I'm going to be passing this one along on Tuesday.

Maddy: I love English speech mannerisms. "Well done you." Thank you. It means much.

Casdok: I have always wanted to write, but never had the patience or the imagination. But thank you - it is neat, I think, to be able to create an image in someone else's mind.

Sandy: Trepidation. Yes. Properly said. It has to start well - those first strokes establish the whole direction everything will take. It MUST start well.

secret agent mama said...

This really spoke to my heart. I thank you for that, and for your kind comments on my Leap of Faith today. <3

moneythoughts said...

Thanks for taking a look at my blog Moneythoughts.

Have you read "Sleeping With The Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul For Saudi Crude" by Robert Baer, 2003. I know you can get it in paperback or a used copy from amazon.com.

Did you look at my paintings at the bottom?


LceeL said...

Mishi: You're welcome. I've been there. I've done that. All I can do is share what I've learned - with you, for now.

Fred: No, I haven't read that book. I have little time for reading - when I do, it is fantasy, escapist literature that feeds my soul best. I did see your paintings, though. I really like your work. I don't think I have the imagination to cover that kind of subject. It's good that you do.

amanda said...

Congrats on your award. I like your haiku!

Nicole said...

Sweet - both :D!

(And I hope, the comment on the 100 word challenge reached you. I clicked for a new comment too quick, sigh....but I'm still grinning about that one :D!)