Friday CMA

I posted my Friday Haiku late last night. Thursday. My conscience has been bothering me all day. So this is my CMA (you DO know what CMA stands for, right?) post - posted on Friday, so I don't miss a day. Like the rules say. There. I feel better now.


Elizabeth said...

Now that your conscience is clear you must perform an act of repentance. Ask your wife... I'm sure she'll think of something appropriate! ;)

Julie said...

I use the cheater options to post date stuff, because I want a post for every day of 2008. I have to do it that way, because driving to Alaska from Tucson is necessarily going to be without computer access, and the days in Italy next month will be blogger-free.

And since this blog thing is for me, I really don't feel the need to be constrained by others' rules. Rebel me.

And I still have you beat, because one post this week was two words, including the title...

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Glad to hear you feel better about clearing your conscience!

Like Julie, I used to sometimes set my posts up in advance too (post date), usually when I had too much to post about in one day or when the 'writing was flowing' and I had too many topics to post about... now I have enough trouble keeping up with one post at a time!

Anyway, really pleased you didn't miss a day!

Nicole said...

Grin, I've never been good at following rules ;)

Sandy C. said...

LOL....I can understand the sanity check.

I'm starting to use the post slug, so if I write a post the day before, my post will automatically go live on the site at the time I set (usually after midnight).