Friday Haiku-100 Word combo

Words are bold, sometimes
writ large so we don't miss them
they shout loud to us

young people are bold
sometimes brazen and foolish
bold without wisdom

our leaders are bold
and their bold has brought us war
where is the wisdom?

little kids are bold
they try to do things and learn
from things that don't work

the things that cause pain
become that which they avoid
bold becomes a tool

what tools do they use?
those we have chosen to lead
what things do they learn?

discipline? respect?
humbleness? One thing well done -
they shout loud to us.

The above is a Friday Haiku and 100 Word Challenge (the subject of the challenge is 'bold') all rolled into one. I don't usually get political - or apolitical. As a Viet Nam Veteran, I saw too many young men die. At the time, I thought there was a reason to be there. As a now older man I see little reason for war and no reason to sacrifice the lives of our young men and women. I suppose my objections will fall on deaf ears. I will not be able to make any difference. Man has always fought wars. And I guess they always will. And young people will die. You would think the 'older, wiser' people who lead them to war would know better. I do.


imaginary binky said...

This is a wonderful post! It really is amazing what time, grace, and age will do to our perspectives, and how sometimes those things are trampled upon. I didn't realize you were in Vietnam. Thank you for serving our country... and thank you for your conscientious objections.

LceeL said...

Thank you, Binkster.

Sandy C. said...

What an excellent Haiku. Superb...

I had no idea you were in Vietnam. Thank you for for serving our country. You raise such a great point, and couldn't agree more.
Well said....

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

I think you make a difference every day, Lou. :-) The voice you give life speaks wisdom, indeed.

I love your 100 Word Haiku - you did a wonderful job!

I may have missed you mentioning Vietnam before, and I'm sorry, but I would like to tell you that your service is appreciated.

Kelley said...

And here I am to add the silly....

Why didn't you do the haiku about me!!!!!!

(seriously, that was magnificent. I read it 3 times)

Nicole said...

You never know what difference your words might make.
One thing's for sure, your words are oh so true.
Why the older men leading the young ones to war?
Ask the purse in their pockets.....


Elissa - Managing Autism said...

... you would think that they would know better...
A brilliant post Lou, thanks...

LceeL said...

Sandy: Thank you. You had no idea, because I've never mentioned it out here before.

Lotus: Thanks. Combining the two - haiku and 100 Word Challenge - was fun. I'm glad that it turned out as well as it did. And you didn't miss it. I never mentioned it.

Kelley: Next Friday's Haiku will be about you.

Nicole: Never, never look for motives. You will become disillusioned.

Elissa: Thanks.

Anne said...

Great Haiku... powerful.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. I thought about about the 100-word challenge and then thought nah, haiku is good enough for me. You floored me with that. Plus, another haiku too elsewhere. I read that one too. Well done you!

LceeL said...

Anne: Thank you. Would that it were powerful enough to make a difference.

Siobhan: The 100 word Haiku is a real challenge, I can tell you. It is NOT what I started out to do - it just worked out that it was possible, so I made it work. this time. I don't know if I would be able to do it again.

Lady Language said...

Powerful wisdom, Lou. You write beautifully and I enjoy reading your thoughts.

Julie said...

Wow. This is amazing. Really wonderful, and thoughtful and insightful. I am impressed.