Big day tomorrow

Happy Valentine's Day. That said, tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow is Haiku Friday. And tomorrow is the 100 word challenge authored by VelvetVerbosity. I usually don't have the time to jump into these 'meme' type things, but I thought it might be cool to try to combine the two memes into one. So I wrote a 100 word Haiku, which you will see tomorrow. The subject is "Bold". I had an idea for the start of the Haiku, but it kinda took its own direction and suddenly, I am somewhat political. Oh well. Look in, tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the day that Sandy C starts moving into her new home. I have written a guest post for Lotus at SarcasticMom that will appear tomorrow. Be sure to check her post tomorrow.

And in two weeks or so, Veronica from SleeplessNights will be moving into her new home, as well. So keep the whiskey handy. Or rum. Or whatever floats yer boat. We will keep you posted, so to speak.

UPDATE: This lovely little piece of blogger bling was given to us by Causes Rats in Laboratory Cancer. Isn't she a doll?


Julie said...

Wow. A 100 word Haiku. "Bold" and somewhat political...I am intrigued.

Thanks for the tip about Blick...my husband will be so happy to know I saved shipping on art supplies that he thinks I don't even need.

And there is a little blog bling for you at my blog. I don't know if guys get into the bling thing, but I am passing along some Valentine's bling to you anyway.

LceeL said...

Thank you, so much. You are the second person to honor me with blog bling. that is so nice. I am flattered and I gotta say "I *heart* UR blog, too."

Velvet Verbosity said...

Well Lceel, that's pretty brave of you. I'm wondering if I should move my 100 Word challenge to another day. Like Tuesday? Or Thursday? Hmmm, don't want to compete with the Haiku. I'm gonna have to think about that. For now though, it's still Friday.

LceeL said...

VV: You don't have to move it. I won't be combining them in the future - at least, I don't think so. I'll do separate posts. One for Haiku (which I don't always do, anyway) and one for the 100 word challenge.

Sandy C. said...

Lou, you're the best :) Thanks so much for your constant support..it means more than you know.

Sorry here so late....Hope you had a Happy Valentine's day!!!

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

That's some lovely bling!

Your lovely will be up at 12:01am CST! It's great. :-)

Veronica said...

Your post is up! YAYAYAY!

It is a fantastic post.