framed and ready to hang

I have framed "Derelict in Harbor". I like this frame. I found it at Hobby Lobby. It was probably part of some old barn, somewhere.

What do you think?


Sandy C. said...

That frame is way cool. Seriously. I think it suits the painting very well. I've never seen anything like that before...Did you have that frame prior to starting this painting? Love it! Where's it going to hang?

Elizabeth said...

That frame is PERFECT! I have a thing about frames, you know. They just speak to me... ;)

Nicole said...

Love that frame!
Fits the painting perfect!
You can be proud of your fine piece of art!!!

Veronica said...

I really really like that.

Maddy said...

Now that's productivity for you! I have a telly habit too, but it's usually only an hour at then end of the day, a good whodunnit. As for the photopaper, likewise. I'm seriously debating whether to invest in Photoshop to try and improve on the other wasteage.
Best wishes

Lady Language said...

Oooh...I like the frame very much, but I wonder if it would look even better with a white or off-white matting? I have not framed any of my paintings as they are packed away in a box in the basement :)

LceeL said...

Sandy, Elizabeth, Nicole, Veronica: I found this frame after the painting was done, at Hobby Lobby. It's what I had in mind, although I wasn't sure I could find one like it.

Maddy: Photoshop is great. I wouldn't be without it.

Lady Language: I hadn't thought of matting - I'll look into that. I'm working on another 16x20 painting, so if I have to get a bigger frame I won't waste this one.