100 words about fire

A meme from Velvet Verbosity:

Funny thing, fire. We use the word for so much. He's on fire, but we know he's not. He has a fire in his belly, but we look and see nothing. His loins were on fire, when he was really just horny. He's burning up, when really he's ill. You're fired, when all you've done is fuck up and lose your job. But to HAVE fire is to have passion and drive and desire, things we cannot see but in the result. The danger is in being consumed by fire, that result can be visible also. Fire that's uncontrolled kills.


Elizabeth said...

"His loins were on fire..."

I hear they have a pill for that. ;)

Rocas said...

Very nicely done. I rather enjoyed that.

Kelley said...

I am all fired up. All the time. About everything.

Usually it just means I am pissed off. And I hear that is good to put out a fire...

Nicole said...

I love this - great summary and explanation :D!

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Very well written!
Funnily enough the different uses of the word 'fire' often causes much confusion in our house... J takes things very literally so we have to be careful as to the words we use... we have freaked him out a couple of times with the use of the word fire in a non-literal context!!

Sandy C. said...

Wow..very cool meme. Well done :)

I wish someone would come light my fire...no lions on fire here!

LceeL said...

Elizabeth: Yes. Viagra.

Rocas: Thank you. And thanks for commenting.

Kelley: Like my Gramps used to say: "Wake up and pee!! The world's on fire!!

Nicole: Thank you. My first meme - that I've actually responded to.

Elissa: I know what you mean. Our aspie boy does us the same way, sometimes.

Sandy: I think setting lions on fire might be against the law.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS!! So much imagery from one word. Wonderful! It makes me happy to read it.