100 word Challenge #4 - Generation

Before we get into the 100 Word Challenge, go over to Lotus's site and check out my guest post. It is a Thursday Thirteen covering why one should OWN rather than RENT - given in support of Veronica's move into her new home. And thanks to Sandy and Nicole for linking in.

Generation one
Fought the Civil War, he did
Died in nineteen ten

Generation two
Rough Rider at San Juan Hill
Died in fifty nine

Generation three
Came home from war in Europe
Died Two Thousand Two

Generation four
Fought the fight in Viet Nam
Not dead yet, Thank God

Generation five
My sons, will not go to war
If it is my choice

Four Generations
Have given more than enough
We will War no more

This generation
Has a larger task at hand
Than the ones before

The generation
Of more kind and gentle souls
That will war no more

The above is a Haiku of 100 words on the subject word 'Generation' as put forth by VelvetVerbosity here. It details (sort of) the history, in this country, of the men who bear my family name. I guess over time I have evolved from Gung Ho Marine to Hard Chargin' Pacifist. And I'm proud of it.


Sandy C. said...

Oh my goodness Lou! I had no idea so many from your family have been to battle. Thank you and your family for your generations of service. I hope that this generation has more gentle souls...and that future ones will too.

Maddy said...

I'm with Sandy! I'm not sure how many generations of mine were in the Navy, I'll have to check.
Best wishes

Nicole said...

What a great job.
You know, it leaves me a bit sad.
I always wanted to know more about my ancestors, but I don't know what my Great Grandfathers did or didn't do.
Our family is weird.

I'm glad your sons will not go to war. It is so utterly useless.

Sandy C. said...

And I forgot to mention....Great T-13 toast post at SarcasticMom's! Congrats to Veronica!!!!

secret agent mama said...

Hi there, new friend! I love when you comment on my blog; it makes me smile so wide.

I'm loving Velvet and will be joining in on the 100 word challenge, for sure.

Going over to Lotus' now!

secret agent mama said...

OH and this piece of work should be printed and hung on a wall. It's perfect.

LceeL said...

Sandy: Thank you. I hope so, too. Would make a fat old man really happy if no one ever had to die in war, again.

Maddy: Navy! Well, that's ALMOST Marine Corps.

Mishi: Thank you for commenting, and yes, do join in the 100 Word Challenge. I think the next thing I'll try is a 100 Word Challenge in a Thursday Thirteen.

LceeL said...

Nicole: My mother and I have been working on our family tree since 1991. There are some amazing people in that tree. Some day I'm going to post the story of Wilhelmina Hintz, my great-grandmother. She was an extraordinary woman. She was from Germany. As are you.

Anonymous said...

As always you make the 100-word challenge look easy. I am impressed by your creativeness and for your family's service. I couldn't agree more with your closing sentiments. Well done you.

(100 word challenge in a T-13? ARE YOU INSANE??)

LceeL said...

Siobhan: I'm glad you think I make the 100 Word Challenge 'look easy', but how do I show the 2 or 3 days of agonizing over what to write? And just so you know, it is only recently, sinc I've started to blog, that I have articulated and fully realized my pacifist attitude.

Allison said...

Nice 100 word challenge. I think starting with this (for me) would be a great idea---then I can move down to 55 words...:-S

Liked the guest post on Lotus's blog too. One day I hope you can write a moving blog for me too (I'd so love to own and not rent. My mom always joked about how nice it was to be sleeping with the landlord after they bought their house :-D).

Allison said...

Asking you to write a post for me one day isn't nearly as scary as you seem to think it might be.

You seem just like all the rest of the *ahem*(sick old men) distinguished gentlemen I know! :-D

You've never met my husband's group of friends, now, have you? :-D

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

You really have a way with words, Lou - simple but very moving... thanks for sharing this post.

Velvet Verbosity said...


I'm just back from CA. Thank you, once again, for another powerful 100 Words submission. War is one of those things that I've always objected to out of hand. I've thought about the soldiers, but not coming from a military family, or at least not being particularly tuned into those members of my family that were, this gives me another perspective.

I do so hope that we can bring more peace to this world, one generation, one family at a time.