Strange day

Today is supposed to be the day we DON'T blog - those of us involved with blog365. Today is our 'day off'. So I thought to myself, "Well, today at least, I won't have to do a Friday Haiku." And I felt that was good - 'cause I didn't have one ready, or even an idea for one, anyway. So being able to skip today started to look like a good thing, because there's little worse that a Haiku you just throw together at the spur of the moment with little or no inspiration. But then I realized that that's how I write in the first place. Oh, well then, I'd better not talk about that particular subject, eh? Well, how about a little introspection. Because there's nothing like a day off to give you an opportunity to look back at what you've been doing.


I made a realization yesterday, while replying to a comment made by Siobhan at "ABritDifferent". By the way, if you haven't heard her audio 'Word of the Week', where, in her wee soft voice with it's lovely lilting Scottish brogue, she gives the meaning of various and sundry words and phrases unique in their usage in spoken Scot's English, then you've missed a real treat. Anyway, while replying to her comment, I came to realize that I had never fully realized my pacifism until I started to blog. I certainly had never given it voice. No, it wasn't until I actually blogged it and 'spoke it aloud', if you will, that I fully knew just where I stood. And now that I stand there, I am proud to be there. Even if I'm alone. Which, by the way, I know I am not. So, like Lotus, I'm going to take life one pacifist at a time.

That is the worst joke and the worst case of outright plagiarism I have ever done.

Anyway, what gave all of this life, for me, was Art. Or, at least, my desire to create a record of my efforts as a fledgling artist. So this blog and my other blog, New At Art, came into being as I started down that path. This blog has strayed a bit. Just a bit, mind you. I still bring Art into play here, but more often than not it winds up being about more mundane and every thoughts and other stuff. And speaking of Art, sometime, when you have naught better to do, check out Lisa Gloria and make sure you look at her blog, where she details work in progress. She is an amazing artist. I love her work.


Maddy said...

I wonder why it's a day of from 365?

I mean why today in particular? Anyway I don't think there's any harm in straying away from the original subject matter or purpose of a blog, it just shows that we keep growing.

Rebecca said...

One pacifist at a time. Groan! :)


Julie said...

first, groan.

Other than that, the Sonoran desert is a great place for a photographer. In Tucson we are surrounded by mountains with some pretty amazing features. I love the morning light...I need to get up early and take some photos when the sun is first hitting the mountains. Pretty soon we are going to have cacti blooming I hope, now that I have my new camera with the really nice macro setting.

(Plus we have some really terrific Sonoran Mexican restaurants around here...)

Julie said...

As for the rest of your post...

I am all over the place when I blog. Which makes sense, because I am all over the place in real life too.

And I like the blogs like yours, where I don't know what to expect when I hit the link, but I know that it will be interesting.

Sandy C. said...

Wow! Just hopped on over to Gloria's blog....she is amazing!
Don't worry about straying from art. It's hard to post every.single.day on your project...especially when you have so many fellow blogger friends and things happening in the blogosphere. At least you're keepin it real ;)

Allison said...

Hmm...I agree with Sandy. And don't worry about blogging about just stray thoughts and mundane things on your blog---I mean, how much more mundane can you get than what you have cleaned during the day (a frequent subject on my blog, though as a writer I aspire to do much much better. One day to do the 55 Flash Fiction I signed up for months ago [I loved doing Flash Fiction in college], I plan on doing the 100 Words next week, and I would think the Haiku wouldn't be a bad place to start either)? So, don't worry. You could do worse.

And I like to think there are others out there who end up benefiting from the baring of my soul that I'm really trying to do anyhow, ya know?

The Stand was definitely not my last Stephen King novel. Or my first. I read Cycle of the Werewolf first, and I have read The Cell, not to mention On Writing. My daughter has not liked it when I read murder mysteries. But she reads horror now...one day I WILL introduce her to Stephen King. I don't think she's ever going to leave my bedroom at night now, *groan*.

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for your kind words, you are always so nice to me. Secondly, I don't think I ever told you, but I'm an artist too. I haven't been able to do much in recent years, but I haven't lost my passion or love for it.

And--you really should take a day off, you deserve it after all.

Kelley said...

I am thankful that you have strayed. I am beginning to know a wonderful insightful man. Who can get a little flirty and silly and adorable. And so FUNNY!!!!

Your art is wonderful, but such a small part of you. I am looking forward to getting to know you even better.

Lady Language said...

I visited Lisa's blog - she is an amazing artist and thanks for sharing!

LceeL said...

Maddy: Because Feb 29th is the day that puts lie to the name of our group. Blog365.

Rebecca: Sorry. Like the apple in the Garden of Eden - it was just hanging there so I picked it - and ate it - and called it good - but I regretted it later.

Julie: That makes two of us - because I don't know what to expect either.

Sandy: 'keeping it real'. In computer parlance, I am a WYSIWYG. What you see is what you get. Most of the time. There is an occasional bug in the system and I appreciate it when those errors are pointed out so I may correct them. Which is something Annie is REAL good at.

Allison: My new friend. Thanks. The 100 Word Challenge will do just that - challenge. 100 word Haiku's in response to the Challenge are insane - I don't know WHY I keep doing that to myself. But welcome. Here AND there.

Siobhan: Like so many of the young mothers out here who are so very special, you are easy to be kind to. Any kindness you get from me is just a reflection of who you are.

Kelley: You honestly made me tear up. Thank you.

LceeL said...

Lady L.: Yes, she is an amazing artist. Her site details her finished work and her blog follows work in progress. Great stuff.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Hahaha, nice take on the tagline! ;-)

I didn't take yesterday off either, bleah @ taking a day off b/c someone TOLD you to!

Also, I like how your painting turned out and I love the morphing graphic of it over there. :-)

Nicole said...

Posting only about one topic?
Wouldn't be possible for me ;)

Just keep up your posting, that's fine with me :)