This ain't so bad ...

Today is January 3rd and I'm cookin'! Apparently all of my friends are still sleeping because they haven't updated their blogs today - yet. I have all of the blogs I watch in a 'feeds' page I created for myself on Google so it's really easy to check to see whose updated and who hasn't. What I really enjoy is following links back to other bloggers (those who've commented on the blogs I watch, mostly) and reading through some of the stuff they've posted - it's a picture of life in America that you wouldn't otherwise see. There's a lot of humor, wit and sarcasm out there that's really funny to read, but when you stop and think about it for a while, you begin to see the veracity in what they have had to say.

There are some rants out there, as well. Velvet Verbosity took off on pornography and, for me, her blogging has taken an unexpected turn into vociferousness. She is still cool, though. I hope she doesn't mind that I linked back to her porn blog - I thought it was interesting.

Anyway, this blogging every day thing isn't so hard - what I think may be difficult is getting to a computer every day - but there are rules to account for that, so I guess it should be do-able. I'm going to London, England (Ole Blighty) at the end of March for a 9 day theater tour. I may have to make postcards for each day, which I will post as pictures when I get back.

Yeah, it ain't so bad ... yet.


Sandy C. said...

Day 3 and blogging about how blogging daily ain't so bad....dun dun duuunnnnnn! I'll be sure to check back here in the Fall to see if you're still singing the same tune ;)
I kid...your a blogathoner aren't you?

Wow, your trip to London sounds wonderful. Quite jealous here...but I look forward to those photos!

LceeL said...

I kinda got started with the NaBloPoMo thing. I liked blogging, I picked up a few friends and I want to keep going. You and Lotus and a few other people I've met have a sense of humor that I find amazing - I am so jealous that you can find a way to express your reactions to common, everyday things with such charm and wit. Me, I'm too serious, I think. My audience will always be small, but that's okay, too. I like the audience I have, so far.

Sandy C. said...

No way!! You are hilarious :) You watch, this time next year when you've crossed that blog365 finish line...I'll be fighting the bi-atches here to post a comment ;)

VelVerb said...

heh. I don't mind that you linked to the post. Vociferous eh? Ah well. That's what happens when you talk about things people don't want to talk about. I promise it won't be all I talk about, but it's been coming up in the topic of conversation a lot, so I thought I would air it out so to speak.