As I sat at my computer this morning, getting ready to b l o g, I looked around to see who, if anyone, of the bloggers I watch had blogged already. Lo! and Behold! the lovely (and she has pictures to prove it) Sarcastic Mom had posted already. So I read it. You should read it, too. And maybe send up a prayer or two, on her behalf.

I also went after a comment on her blog, from "Kelley". It's nice to know that male idiocy knows no boundary - young men have the potential to be just as dumb in Australia as they are around here, where I live. In Illinois.

The weekend beckons, and I have no plans other than to work on my painting. I am getting close to declaring it done - at least I have the plans in place as to what changes have yet to be made, and once they ARE made then it is DONE. I am told that some people have a tendency to overpaint, to never finish, to fiddle with a piece long past the time when they should have left it alone. I hope not to be one of them. I hope.

The current state of my painting is documented at NewAtArt


Sandy C. said...

I know...I'm terrible. I was working on my post late last night,and I just wasn't able to get it up until this afternoon....too much work to do :(

I read Lotus' entry...poor thing...I hope she finds help and recovery soon.

Good luck the weekend with your painting!I'm running over to see it's current state a.s.a.p

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Bless you, Lou! That was very sweet of you.

I just hopped over and checked out the progress of your painting, and that is so cool! I love how one can see the different stages of its development. And it is so good, Lou. Wish I could paint like that! :-)