Jan 2, oh eight

I am so glad I don't write checks anymore. I have always had a problem remembering to change years in my head - so, when writing a check I would put the previous year's number on the check, realize it, scratch it out and put the proper year. Or, and this is more likely, I would have to void the check and rewrite it. Now, however, with the advent of online banking (how did we EVER live without it?) I don't write checks anymore. Actually, truth be told, I wrote few checks anyway, because She Who Must Be Obeyed handles the books, pays the bills and gives me (some of my) money every week. But it is because I write so few checks that, when required to do so, I would put down the wrong year - being Pavlovian by nature (aren't most men?), the required training was absent.

Lay down, roll over, play dead. Yes, dear.

On a lighter note, some of my friends from NaBloPoMo have found me and enlisted as 'friends' in the blog365 thing. I am so glad. They are invariably funny and charming and a little twisted and I love reading their posts.

On the other hand, maybe, just maybe, I can help.


Sandy C. said...

Oh yeah! Writing checks....I remember doing that. I also remember writing in the wrong date in the top right corner of my filler paper in high school for the first 2 weeks of the new year!

So.....You've joined the crazy train too huh? Looking forward to your posts!

Lady Language said...

I thought I had joined but it looks like I did not - maybe this is a sign that I should run in the other direction and focus on supporting my friends through their 365 days of torture!