A story about my #2 son

There's this blog I read - Magneto Bold Too - and today she's told the story about Moo, her 16 year old daughter, and Moo's recent experience drinking a Vodka based drink that had her head in the toilet for the day. And how miserable she felt. (Moo, that is.) And there was even a picture of Moo paying homage to the porcelain Goddess - doing a good job of keeping her nice, long hair out of the way. And I really felt sorry for Moo. But not quite as sorry as I felt for #2 son in November of 2000, when we were in Ireland.

Below is a picture of said son, taken while on that trip. He is standing at the edge of a road that wraps around the face of a clifff in western Ireland, near Clifden. He is, at this point, sober. Thankfully.

As you can see, at 16 years of age and 6'1" tall he was (and is) a pretty impressive young man. And that's the way he liked (and likes to this day) to dress. I never had to tell him to pull up his pants nor did I ever worry about what holes he might make in his body or decorations he might add to his skin that he wasn't born with. But I knew that he and his older brother used to nip into my liquor supply when I wasn't around - but I don't think that either one of them had ever been 'drunk'.

Anyway, on this particular trip, he and I sat in the bar at the hotel one night and I introduced him to Magner's Cider - which, in Ireland, has as much alcohol as beer. But it doesn't taste like it. It does taste good, though. Real good. And it sort of sneaks up on you. And it snuck up on him.

You could see the headache he had the next day. He didn't get sick, but he sure didn't feel like running around the hills of western Ireland that day, I can tell you. We talked about how he felt. I told him I knew that he and his brother had been getting into my booze. I told him that after we got home to the States, he could have a drink, with me, any time he wanted - as long as he didn't plan on going out afterwards and as long as it was just him - no friends. I laid down the same law to his (by 2 years) older brother. To this day, they both drink responsibly. #1 son will be 26 in May. #2 son will be 24. (Yes, girls, he's married.)


Marita said...

Children and alcohol, it is a difficult line to walk as parents. Neither hubby or I drink alcohol at all, me because of stomach problems, him because of ethical issues. I do wonder sometimes what we will do when our girls get older and want to have a drink.

You'd think at 2yo and 4yo I wouldn't be worrying about alcohol yet but I've got a 6yo niece who has regularly been knocking off an entire bottle of beer if her Dad leaves it unattended and has a real fondness for fortified wines. Scary stuff. We've banned alcoholic drinks at family gatherings so that the other young children don't see her drinking alcohol and think it is okay. This has been going on since she was old enough to pick up a bottle of beer and drink from it. Her parents think it is cute and amusing. I'm just horrified, a small sip maybe okay but an entire bottle, way too much and strong drinks.

Ahh well I will get off my soapbox.

Kelley said...

Poor bugger. :)

With Moo, this was the FIFTH time she drank vodka. And the FIFTH time she was sick as a dog. Stupid child does not learn by her mistakes.... But man it was funny!

Nicole said...

I sort of wish that law would have existed when I was 16.
Oh well.
I wouldn't be where I am today, if it had existed ;)
Nor do I know if I would have obeyed.....silly me :P

MarysMom said...

Thanks for sharing this story.
My dad had a similar style with smoking. I remember having my first puff right at the dinner table (after dinner, back in the day when it was nothing to smoke in the house) from a cigarette from his pack when I was about 15. My next puff was not till 10 years later and I've only had about 10 sticks of cigarettes trhough the years (25 years since that first puff).
As far as alcohol, I did not get drunk until I was 35. Again, because my dad was open about it.
Found your blog thru imaginary binky and I just really liked your comment so I came to check your blog out.
Liking it so far.... Will be back.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting story.

I remember the first time I was offered cider here in the States, I was a little mortified, and then learned it wasn't anywhere near alcoholised (is that a word?). I had to warn Bryan when we got to Scotland 5 years ago not to drink Shandy or Cider...

Thanks for sharing that. P.S. Can't believe you're doing the 365, that's crazy talk!

imaginary binky said...

You're a great dad. I hope I can be that kind of parent to Amos.

I haven't been to Ireland, but I loved Scrumpy Jack cider in England. It was extra scrumpy.

Sandy C. said...

How did I miss this post! That is a beautiful photo...so sorry you son felt that way during a trip :( That is never fun.

You are such a great dad. I too hope to be able to raise my daughter to be like this. Although, I never really drink. But I guess by the time she's a teenager, I may be inclined to start.