Sunday 20 Jan

We almost have the first month under our belt, us blog365'ers. Only a little more than 11 months to go.

I suppose by the end of the year I wll have adopted some of the blogging strategies of my peers: Haiku Friday (I like that one), Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen. Personally, in order to keep the readership up on the weekends, I think something like Salacious Saturday ought to be interesting. Or maybe pictures of the Sunday Stupor. Anyway, one of these days I must catch up with the memes I've been tagged with - but first I have to build a library of friends whom I may tag once I'm tagged. Right now there are too few people in the group - I don't feel like it would be fair to tag those same people multiple times just because I've been hit. And there haven't been any time limits set in the meme rules I've been tagged with, so I'm just going to wait a bit.

But I thnk I may participate in the Haiku Friday thing - just because I love Haiku.


Sandy C. said...

Ah, you have 345 more days to post those darn memes! ;) I have a heavy list of them too, but I'm keeping them in my back pocket for day 147 or day 219 :)
You should definitely try out some of the weekly meme events. No obligation if you decide it isn't for you. I personally like the direction it provides most weeks, especially when my brain is mush, hehe.

Solomon Broad said...

I wonder what it says about me that I've never participated in a meme. Not a fat lot, really, I suppose.

LceeL said...

It doesn't say anything - yet. It all depends on whether or not you ever intend to participate. If so - do it when the notion strikes you. If not - well then - that's another story.

Nicole said...

Some memes are good, some not so ;)

Haiku is something I have no clue about, but I like them.

And question: I posted a comment at son #2 yesterday, but it's not there?
Just been busy or did it not get there?