Monday, Monday, so good to me ...

Monday mornings are usually a bear. People come to work either a) feeling refreshed and invigorated and rarin' to go or b) grumpy and peevish and out of sorts and really wishing they were still home in bed. The people I get to deal with on Mondays are usually the latter. They come to work and their computer won't start up. Or the job the left running on Friday didn't complete and now they don't have the data they want. Of course, you can't tell them they didn't formulate their query properly - they don't want to hear that. I love Mondays.

With all of the things to do yesterday - errands to run, take Zach back to school, clean up my mess in the dining room (been printing out and framing pictures) I didn't get back to my painting. So it sits as it was after Saturday's update. Actually, I've been thinking a lot about just what I want to do to the painting, so maybe it's a good thing I didn't get back to it. If you take a look at the painting here, you'll notice the clouds around the mountain look 'unusual'. Actually, when the storms come in from the ocean, which is behind that mountain, the winds, coming up the seaward face of the mountain, push the clouds up and away. I'm not sure most people are going to understand that just by looking at the painting, so I'm going to do as I thought I might; I'm going to bring the clouds down behind the mountain. and I still haven't figured out just what I'm going to do with the foliage along and in the road.

Decisions, decisions.